Did I Mention I'm Busing?

That's right. They took away my car. But I don't care! The Transit system is the most interesting thing. We will jump on a bus one minute (and I have no clue where we are going, this being my new area and all) and the next thing I know, we are at the right place at the right time.

But its not without its cons. We will often get stuck waiting for a bus for 15 minutes. And its freaking cold outside! Every time that happens, I want to chop off my toes!

Then one time, we jumped on the wrong bus... 1hr and 20 min later we got off that wrong bus and walked the rest of the way to our dinner appointment.

Then there is that second door.. Not the front one you get on, But the one in the back. My new Comp., Elder Chubak, told me that a lot of people have trouble with them because the button you are supposed to press is heat sensored, and they don't know that. Plus they close so in like 2 seconds and the bus driver dosen't check to see if everyone is off because he has stops to get to on time.

So... one time, Elder Chubak, and I was right behind him, but a little too slow, and the door shut. So I took off my glove, thinking I was so smart, and pressed the button.

Well, it didn't work and the bus drove off with me in it... No worries tho. I just got off at the next stop and he had to run to catch me.

I wondered what happened, and he told me that SOME of them were ones you had to press hard, and not heat sensors... You think he would have mentioned that sooner.

With Thankful Hearts

This Thanksgiving was hard. With Elder Orton sick, I had nothing to do all week but think of you. Think of family and friends and everyone getting together.. and how I don't get to be a part of it.  But as we sat around Brother Zaharchuck's (our Ward Mission leader) table, he asked us "What is it your Thankful for?"

My comments were full of my family and the gospel. but as we went around, the missionaries who had been out longer than me spoke of the blessing it was to be here with them, to be in Brandon. And that got me thinking... I looked over at the missionaries, who were on one side of the table. They had all left family behind, they had all made the same sacrifice. Then I looked over at the other end of the table. At the Zaharchucks and the Craigs. They had given us so much. They had given the Lord so much. And they loved us enough, to invite us over to celebrate American Thanksgiving.. Huge feast and all!

I felt blessed. And I didn't miss home anymore. While I'm away, where ever I go, the ward will be my family. And I love them.


(Picture coming soon)

I killed the Part.

Bizzy, the First Nation Sensation

This week me and Elder Orton beat boxed with a drunk native.

(Video coming soon)


Transfer calls come at random... I was told they used to come at night on Tuesdays.. but not anymore. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN THEY'RE GONNA COME!

And it just so happens they came, completely unexpected, on Monday night. If President asks you to put it on speaker phone, you know you are staying where you're at.. if not..say goodbye to your comp.

He didnt ask for speaker phone this time..

Elder Tieken is now a Zone Leader. Good for him. It was surprisingly sad to be split up.

But I like my new comp a LOT.

I'm serving with ELDER ORTON! Who would have thought I'd serve with an Orton. And what do you know? He's just like an Orton! Well.. really similar, in the way that he is CRAZY!

He is THE most popular missionary in the mission. He is know as being one of the most FUN companions ever. And he's a GOOD missionary! (sounds like an ORTON)

He always gets along so good with the members and when he leaves, they always ask about him.

He knows every missionary and he know all the crazy stories about them. And now I do too. A few years ago, one of the sister missionaries tried to cast out a evil spirit from a drunk native by using the priesthood.. what?!

I've never "Liked" one of my companions before. Ive always "Tolerated" them. Who knew it would make such a difference! Im loving my mission right now! Me and Elder Orton are working hard AND having so much fun! I didnt know you could do both!

I'm lovin the Mish.

Old Fart

I meet a lot of interesting people every day. So I have had a lot of interesting experiences. Some are crazy, others are scary, and some are just funny.  The other day we contacted this old man on the street. He either called us "Bible bumpers" or "Bible humpers". Both of which indicate that he is not interested.   So we start to ask him if he know anyone in the area that could use any help or service. He goes on to tell us about one of his friends who is too indipendent to accept help. As he does so, he starts to fart every step he takes..   Two things factor in:  He is old and can't hear, so he probably thinks they are silent.  And, he is old and can't control his bowels.  But he just continues to talk like nothing is happening, and I am trying SO hard not to  bust up laughing.  Elder Tieken turns to me and starts to smile and I have to turn around at this point because I cant hide it anymore and tears are coming to my eyes.  When he finally leaves, we both took a moment to relieve our laughter, and get back to contacting.  All in a days work as a Missionary in the Canada Winipeg mission.

Watch This Guy!

I hate driving in Canada! All these Canadians are too 'brave'! The pedestrans dont follow the same rule we do in America, where, if something is Bigger, Stronger, and Faster than you, you GET OUT THE WAY STUPID! I guess they've never heard that one.

It doesnt help that Elder Tieken uses vague, unidentifiable phrases like, "Watch this guy."

I was driving down the road about 60ks an hour, and it was pitch black and all I could see were the bright headlights of the cars going the opposit way. Then all of the sudden, Elder Tieken sits up straight in his seat and says "Watch this guy". The way he said it, I thought he meant that the car in front of us was about to do something interesting.. So I watched.

Then he said it louder "Watch this guy!" But I WAS watching, and nothing was happening.

"Watch him, watch him!"

"What!?" I finally yell. He wasnt doing anything!


That one I understood. I slammed on the breaks a stopped right as this fat Canadian walked in front of my car, not even flinching or missing a step. I almost killed him! All because Elder Tieken told me to "Watch this guy"...

Turns out they always walk in front of cars... They just assume the driver will stop...


Canadian 101

Although it is wildly thought that "Canadian" and "English" are the same language, there are some differences in the most basic forms of communication. Here is a guide that will help you understand any foreigners you may come across.

~Words and Definitions~

Supper - NOUN: A meal that is eaten at the end of the day. takes place after dinner.

Dinner - NOUN: The meal between breakfast and supper.

Lunch - ...?

Washroom - NOUN: A place to relieve one's waist, similar to the American "Bathroom".

Phone - VERB: The act of communicating with someone on a telephonic device. "I'll phone you later." Tenses; Phone, Phoning, Phoned.

Call - VERB: The act of visiting or re-visiting someones home. "You can call back next week." Tenses; Call, Calling, Called.

Yous - PRONOUN: The plural form of the word 'You'. "Where are yous headed this evening?"

Eh? - ???: A meaningless statement added to the end of a sentence to either indicate that you are asking a question or that you are waiting for input. A slang form of the word, "Hey?", is comonly used with the younger generation to show their defiance and deviance from their parents. Unfortunately the difference in pronunciation is negligable.


Vowels are: A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes G, Like in Flag, Bag, Tag, and Rag. The G will make the normaly, soft 'a' a hard 'A'.

Foreign words (especially Spanish) are ALWAYS pronounce phonetically. Exp. 'Jealopeno' = 'Ja-la-pen-no', 'Pasta' = 'P-Ah-sta'

As a rule of thumb, the letter 'O' is always pronounce different than the american 'O' in a fetal attempt to further distance themselves from their (American) culture.

Follow this guide, and the next time you meet a Canadian, you should be able to communicate well enough to send them back to Canada.

I Swallowed a Fly

There once was a missionary who swallowed a fly.

I don't know why he swallowed a fly... I guess he'll die.

MTC Banana

When Sister Horning found out you could take fruit out of the MTC cafeteria... she went insane. There was always a banana hidden around the class room. On the chalk board, in the drinking fountain, in my bag... She even put a stamp on one and tried to mail it to me.

And she even tried to bring one to Canada.

He traveled with us from Provo, to Salt Lake, to Minneapolis. But the poor little guy didn't make it through customs.

But when I got to Canada, guess what I found in the back of the car I was assigned? I don't know how he did it, but MTC Banana made it to Canada. Good for him. He finally made it to the field. And he is one of the best missionaries I know.

The Rock Pit

We went out to Souris this P-day. They told us we were going to the rock pit! Apparently it is this amazing place where there are all these rare rocks that you get to find and take home!  Not to mention, that because of the rain, there were tons of pits of quicksand out there. They told us we would try to find some.  I was so excited.   And then we got there... and the place fit the name... It was a pit... with rocks in it.  It really was a junk yard. There were broken down cars littering one half of it, and giant piles of rocks filled the other...   For about an hour we dug through piles of rocks.   What am I even going to do with the rocks I found? keep them my whole mission? They aren't even rare!   We were told we could keep 25 pounds of rocks. Who would keep that much junk! Canada is so lame. They dig in the dirt for fun.  What a great P-Day.  The rock pit... 


One word... HALAVA... look it up


We saw a Hispanic man walking on the other side of the street and Elder Tieken said we should talk to him. So we walk over there with our ties and name tags, and when he sees us he ducks his head and starts walking fast...  Then Elder Tieken calls out "Excuse me" or something like that... and the guy bolts.  He runs down the street to the nearest door, jumps inside, and slams it shut...  At first we were really confused... then we figure it out.  He thought we were from Immigration.

Now Thats More Like It

6:00 on Saturdays we play volley ball with the investigators. But we could only stay for a bit because we had an appointment at 7:30.

7:00 rolls around... and 6 Chinese people come up to us and ask if they can join... and one of them speaks fluent English and Chinese...

You need to understand the value of that Chinese young man. We have 3 Chinese investigators right now, all of which are showing potential... none of which speak very good English. We can only communicate on a basic level.

If we got that young man to investigate the Church... it could lead to big things.

I looked to Elder Tieken. We still had to change and go pick up the member that was going to join us.

"...5 more minutes"

5 minutes pass... and we really have to go. We leave it up to the other Elders to handle.. and run for the car.

We were sprinting and jumping over fences and driving like mad! When we got into the apartment, we still had muddy sand on our feet. we jumped in the tub and took turns washing our feet and got dressed in 2 min. flat.

I was so tired when we finally got ready and jumped back into the car... but the whole time I had a smile on my face.

This is how I had imagined missionary work.

Now I'm a Missionary.

The Soup Kitchen

Every week we go and volunteer at a soup kitchen for service. Most of the people that work there look like they should be eating there... and a lot of the people that eat there look like they shouldn't... but whatever. It's not my place to judge.

We get there early so we can eat before we work. The food is usually pretty bad. I have to portion it out so I don't eat all the bearable stuff and get left with a pile of uneatable stuff...

Afterwards we help clean up. I cleaned my station and then went to go and put some left over lettuce in the freezer. When i walked in, the door closed behind me... and I couldn't open it again.

I was trapped!

I started thinking about all the stories I had heard of people dieing in locked freezers, and started to panic. I tried pulling the knob and pushing the knob and kicking the knob.. but nothing was working.

I saw there was a panic button so I started to push it.. and waited. and waited... but no one was coming!

This was the end. I knew I wouldn't last much longer. So I decided to try the nob one more time...

Turns out it twists the other way...

No worries... it's all good.


Since I have been in Canada, I have...  

Been assigned a Trainer (Elder Tieken) 
Been assigned to an Area (Brandon West) 
Been assigned to be DESIGNATED DRIVER! 
Drove too fast (Got scolded by a sister missionary) 
Stopped at a Green light (Got yelled at by a Winnipeger) 
Drove too slow (Got weird looks from a Winnipeger) 
Ran a red light (Got laughed at by my Comp.) 
Drove 2 hours! 
Saw a man get Tased 
Saw one of my Investigators get Maced 
Worked at a soup Kitchen 
Assisted Elder T in breaking into an apartment. 
And bought a Kinder Egg.  

I love Canada

Well I made it!

I walked out of the imigration office on to the main floor... and it was a different world! the noises the people the colors. It was really strange. We packed into the car with the Mission Prez and drove off to the mission home for dinner. The neighborhood is so nice. It actaully feels kinda like home.
SO the city is crazy... but the suburbs are nice.

Thats all I can say for now. P-days are on mondays. Just so you know.

If you need to send me something it HAS to go to this adress.

Canada Winnipeg Mission
Elder Jeffery Liechty
845 Shaftesbury Boulevard
Winnipeg, MB R3P OM5

The Mission name HAS to come before my name. OR ELSE!


Love you

Sleepy Grandma

We were in the TRC, Elder C and I, and we were teaching this cute old lady about the plan of salvation. She started out really interested in the message and loved when I shared a story about my baptism, but it was really warm in that room... and she was very old.  Soon her eyes started to droop and her head was slipping forward. I had to do something! "Janet (that was her name) We would like to invite you to be baptised into the curch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, by the proper athourity of the preisthood." Its all I could think of to say... And it worked. It got her talking and we set her date for 2 weeks later. Then we wanted to end with a prayer. I knew she wouldn't make it. Halfway through I sneaked a peek to see if she was asleep again. the prayer ended and as loud as I reverently could I said "AMEN!" That did the trick. Just another day in the MTC.  Now if only she was a REAL investigator.

The District

My district is awesome.   Sister Marble, Sister Horning, Sister Brodrick, Sister Drake. Those are the Sisters.  Elder Bertram, Elder Felix, Elder Gandolf, Elder Presgrove, and Elder "C"... You know him. Those are the Elders.  Sister Marble and Horning are converts, and I think Sister Brodrick too. They are all awesome and their testimonies are stronger than mine. But I do alright. Sister Horning kills me. She reminds me of Mckay. I love cool sister missionaries.  The Elders are cool too, with one exception... But thats ok.  We are all really good friends and goof all the time. But never Goof-off. We are hard workers and we will convert the world! LOOK OUT CANADA! (And Provo. Elder Bertram, Gandolf, and Presgrove are going to Provo... or are already here... I guess.)  We are the greatest District in this Dispensation!!!  P.S. Elder Gandolf's Grandfather started Gandolfos!!! Awesome huh? 

Jeffery's Email:

Elder Liechty
MTC Mailbox #225
Can - Win 0805
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Elder "C" has Mono

I am sitting in my room, and I am supposed to be out at the gym playing volleyball with the rest of the FUN Elders and Sisters in my district.  But I have to be with my comp... and my comp has MONO!  That's right.  The Kissing disease.  He is a freaking nerd!  Who would kiss him?  
Guy's, Elder C is killing me.  Every day he does something I have to write down.  I am filling my notebook!
Elder C reminds me of Bryan B.  He spouts off useless info.  But unlike B.B., it's uninteresting and annoying!  And he keeps telling everyone how he went to the doctor for hay fever!  It is the lamest story!
Well, he's been sick forever now.  So today we went to the Health Clinic and they sent us to the Health Center.  We had to walk all the way to it, accross the street from the MTC.  We got there and the doctor tried to do a strep test on him... but he couldn't.  Elder poopie pants would pull away and start to cry every time.  The doctor tried 8 times before he gave up, so they took his blood instead.  They gave  him a mask (in case he caught the swine) until they could get his results back.
Then we left with his meds and went to dinner (BTW, I missed class for this.  I have to study lesson 1 on my own).  
He never took his mask off, even though he could.  He likes it when people ask about it.  I don't care.  In fact, I encourage it.  I don't want to have to smell his breath anyway (it still gets through).
The only problem?  With the mask on he breaths really loudly!  And makes little whining noises!  Some one take him away!

Excerpts From The Notebook:
"Elder C tells his 'Hay Fever' story to everyone (I think he has it memorized word for word)."
"Elder C hasn't showered since we got here."
"Elder C exercises in his church shoes."
"Elder C speaks to his body parts, example:  My stomach is like 'Now Way'."
"Elder C called hiimself (and I quote) 'an artsy-craty kind of dude'."
"Elder C always leans over to see what I'm doing when I lean over to get something from under my chair."
"Elder C has 3 saxophones.  He claims they are worth 24,000 dollars."
"Edler C thinks no one in our room snores.  He's wrong.  He does."
"Elder C always walks about 2 feet behind me."
"Elder C has awesome hand writing, but he smells like bad breath (not his breath, his whole body)."
"Ender C has mono!"

Footnote from the editor (Dad):
I think elder "C" is a blessing to Jeffery, and I am grateful for him.  I know Jeffery will learn compassion and unconditional love eventually.  Heaven knows I've had to learn it raising him!  Can't wait to hear his comments 2 years from now when he has been sufficiently humbled.  

I Made It!

I went to lunch alone. I was looking around for people I knew. I saw "look alikes," but no "real deals." I felt like I was in a new school with no friends. I got a sandwich with fries and an apple and water, but I was so frazzled and "trying too hard not to look lost" that I didn't get ketchup. I ate dry fries. They were gross. I wasn't hungry anyway.

The Cart

Parker found this Shopping Cart by a dumpster and brought it over to the Orton's one day.

...RaVoe didn't want it ...My mom didn't want it.

And It started a War.

We passed it back and fourth from my house to the Orton's for a while, but we wanted to make sure it stayed there.

The Rocks didn't work, and the next day Parker found it in his bed room, in draper, in his apartment, 3 stories up (and his apartment doesn't have an elevator).

So we tied it to their tree, and they tied it to Parker's truck. And when we tried to bring it back... we were ambushed.

Gun shots were fired from the roof and the cart was lost in their yard. But with some stealth and some quick movements, we retrieved it so we could try again another day...

But it was stolen.

I haven't seen it since.

We may never know what happened. And the war will never be finished.

Blogging by Proxy

July 14th. That is my last true day with my computer. I will no longer be able to update my blog...

But have no fear! My dad will be posting things from my emails. So this blog will continue to update itself. So don't stop visiting.

I love you all, and will see you in 2 years.

Upward Over the Mountain

We climbed a mountain.

We started off so innocent. "This will be fun!" we thought. "It doesn't look that bad".

We were wrong.

The different parts of that mountain can be divided into two groups. Steep, and less steep. The first part was steep. It was really steep. We got tired fast and Cory wanted to give up. But me and Kim wouldn't let him. We could still see these girls sitting on their tramp. We could not give up that easily. We kept going and eventually it got a little less steep. We continued past a barbed wire fence and up a ravine until we found a trail. I don't know where this trail starts, but it went farther up the mountain, and we were tired of being bushwhacked. So we followed it.

It led to a gorgeous look out area next to the rock formation Kim calls "The Gorilla". This is where Kim wanted to turn around. She was tired, and I later found out she had huge blisters. But now Cory wanted to keep going. And standing on the top of a mountain was on my list. So I wouldn't let myself stop.

We were hot and sticky and dirty and tired as heck. Our legs wanted to give out at this point. so we sat in the shade for a while. After a rest, we walked for a long time, and continued, even after the trail ended. We saw a para glider flying over our heads. They must have come from Timp. It was cool to see, and we all wished we were in their place. To fly instead of walk.

Then we stopped to rest in the shade... and Kim and Cory couldn't take it any more. For about the last 2 miles we kept telling ourselves that we were more than hallway, but the truth was that we were probably just barley half way, if even that. But I wouldn't give up. They said they would sit there and watch me. So I left my stuff (only taking a water bottle) and ran. I ran for a while. Even when the bushes turned to trees, I ran and dodged their branches. It was amazing.

Eventually the trees got to close together that I could no longer run, or even move much. So I fought through them and broke out into the beautiful gully. It wasn't filled with gross dry bushes and brush. It had lush trees and flowers and greenery. It was an amazing sight. It filled me with energy again, and a started to run up it. Then I heard them.


I called back and they asked where I was. It would have been hard to explain, even if I wasn't yelling and trying to enunciate each word. Finally I threw a stick in the air so they could locate me. When they saw it, they told me to stay put. I heard them traipsing through the trees loudly, and then I saw them. They came up the gully to where I was. I figured they had decided they didn't want to miss out on this great experience. I was wrong. They sat there and tried to convince me to come down..

I told them I couldn't. I was so close, and it had been my dream for a long time. They said they couldn't leave without me. I said I couldn't leave.

So they came with me.

I am a pretty stubborn person. But usually just for myself. I said I would do it, so I have to do it. I didn't care if they came. It wasn't their dream. I realize that, and told them they could go. I had my cell phone with me. But they refused. They would be too worried about me. Good friends.

The Gully got fuller of bushes as we went up, and when we finally pushed our way out, we entered a little Vally surrounded by cliffs and trees. The only way up was through a steep hill will of trees. At least we had branches to hold on to as we climbed.

Well after this trek, we were on top of this hill... that led to the final hill. This was it. The last stint.

The only problem was.. The last hill was steeper than anything we had climbed yet and was riddled with bushes. And not the fun leafy bushes. these were thick and sharp. And Cory and Kim gave up. They deiced that they could watch me from their hill. I said fine, and ran off agian.

As I ran, the hill started to get steeper and steeper. My calves started to kill, and I have really strong calves. And the bushes were tearing me apart! I have blood running down my legs, and my arms were taking a beating too. Even my eyes weren't safe!

I think back now and wonder what the heck I was thinking. This was torture! And for what! That's how stubborn I am. I'm an idiot.

I am climbing and climbing and crawling through pushes because there is no trail, and it just keeps getting thicker. And I am listening to my music and a song comes on, and I remember the words that stuck out to me. "He took a step but then felt tired, he said 'I'll rest a little while'." (I did take a rest right then. It seemed appropriate.) "..But when he tried to walk again he wasn't a child." Then It get to this part where it says "This is all there is." and I turned around and It felt like I could see the whole world. It really is so beautiful up there. And it makes you realize how small you are. And how big the world is.

Soon I reached a wall of impassable bushes. There was literally no way around them from where I was. I would have had to double back... Then I get a text that tells "Come down!! My mom just called and said there were bears on the news up there."

As much as news anchor bears scared me, I still felt it didn't justify me coming down. But I did. It was getting late and I didn't want to have to climb down in the dark. I replied "I hate this... I'm so close"

I was defeated. The mountain beat me... and now it looked as if it might kill me.

How was I going to get down? I was crawling up on my hands and knees. I couldn't do that on a downward slant... So I decided I had to just plow through the bushes.

It couldn't have hurt worse if I had thrown myself down the hill. I was being cut everywhere my skin was showing and my legs were shaking uncontrollably. I began to flop myself on top of the bushes and let my weight carry me down to the next bush. It worked ok. but I would never get down the whole mountain that way.

Then I saw another little ravine to my left. I dug my way out of the bushes and plopped into the grassy area. It was such a relief. But I still have quite a way to go... so a ran straight down. I ran down a mountain! Which is dangerous because I cliff could have jumped in front of me and I would have died. Just like that. Dead.

I could hear Kim and Cory yell ahead of me. Then the next minute, I heard them yelling behind me.

I ran the fastest mile anyone have ever run.

Well, we found each other and we didn't even rest, even though I was struggling to stand. In my head I was thinking "Get me off this damn mountain!" (I would never say that out loud.. but some Orton is rubbing off on me)

The rest of the trip our legs were on "auto pilot" as Cory put it.

The climb up? About 5 hours with roughly 6-7 breaks. The hike down? 1 hour. 1 break.

We stopped so Kim could change her shoes and drain her blisters.

When we reached the bottom, we used the last of our energy to run to the golf course grass and fall right on our faces. Cory was kissing the ground. passionately.

We laid there for a while, and it was one of the best moments of our lives. We were still hot and sticky, but we no longer had to walk. And right then, a gift from God. The sprinklers burst on.

I was the first to see them. Without explaining myself to the other, I stripped down to my bare necessities, and ran through the freezing water.

The others followed closely after. No persuasion needed.

That was our hike. And we are proud of it.

Why wouldn't we be? We traveled through hell and survived.

He Knows Best

I love my brother Adam. I'm closer to him than any of my other siblings and they would all agree. Which is strange, because a few years ago I was sure he hated me. I remember this frizzy haired boy that would lay with his head on the computer desk and listen to strange music, then occasionally wake up to punch me. And even through all that, I loved him most.

I remember one time when eating dinner, just the two of us, he pretended to choke, then promptly passed out. I though he died. And it was my fault for not calling 911. I was traumatized. I cried for a long time. Even after he scared me by coming back from the dead.

But things are different (for the most part) and for the last 3 years we have been good friends. And over those 3 years I have realized that his "strange music" is amazing. It's just amazing. Every band, every song, every lyric. I still learn that everyday. Some times I still doubt and I don't know why. Some times I think "Oh, I probably wont like them". WONG!

Recently I realized I am in love with Rocky Votolato. There have always been some songs I liked of his, but I never check his other stuff out. And now I feel like I have wasted so much of my life by not knowing his greatness. Too little, too late, I guess. I will never doubt again. He knows best.

The Carnival

The Rides where flashy and too expensive

The food was all deep fried and unhealthy

And the people were trashy, stoned, or just strange.

It was great.

Some Days...

Some days I feel like a day at the zoo. I wake up so excited! There are so many possibilities of how the day will turn out. It has so much potential.

Then I get to the lions cage... and they just sit there.

Then In the reptile house all the Snakes are hiding.

And the hippo is just sad.

And I just stand there and watch... willing the day to do something. And at the end of the day the lion still doesn't move the snakes are still hidden and the hippo is almost in tears.
And that's it. You go home defeated.

But it wasn't always like that! When you were a kid, the lions moved! even if it was just a flick of its tail. The snakes were playful! Just it sticking out its tongue was a sign of that! And the hippo... well he was always sad. But you were just happy it was there!

I wish my days could be like that again. Why don't we live them to the fullest like little kids? Its all in perception! And having a brighter perception of things is something I need to work on.

This post was to tell you two things, I am defiantly going to the zoo, and I need to spend less time on the computer and in my house alone! Everyday can be a day at the zoo.

Now I'm going to the carnival.

Another One Bites the Dust

I like to think that he was smiling under that mask.

Tacoma will be a better place now.


Kings of the Gully.
Rulers of Highland.
Amazing Rap Group.
Best Friends.

We've got 32 songs on 2 albums.
Wherever we go, all eyes are on us.
And now were heading out to conquer the world.

From the West Coast of Washington to the Tundras of Canada.
From the Bell Towers of Notre Dame to the Ruins of Machu Picchu.

All will know our name.

We are the WCG.

Yesterday and Today

Give or take a few days...

Yesterday we brought him home and today I love him even more

He's getting to big so fast.

Yesterday my dad fixed my iPhone and today I missed you so much

Old forgotten text messages. (as they appear on my phone)
My mom says my tonsils are green!
Michael Tom:
I'm coming

Michael Tom: Still sick?
Me: Yes. Its strep

Michael Tom:
You made me sick:(
Me: You shouldn't have touched me!
Michael Tom:
I had to! I thought you where dead. But its really not that bad.

Me: I had a 104 fever
Michael Tom: Oh crap:(
Michael Tom: Well i haven't broke 100 but i just had the worst chill attack of my life.
Me: If you have any amoxicillin i would take some. and you'll want some ibuprofen.
Michael Tom: No, none of the weak stuff. We're going straight to morphine.
Me: And you may have some crazy fever dreams.
Michael Tom: Yes yes yes. I love them. Did you have um?
Me: yes, one during conference. it was weird. i don't ever really remember but i could hear all of the talks in my sleep and i think i made some of my own doctrine up.
Michael Tom: lol sweet. i hope you wrote it down.
Me: yes, i think i'll start my own religion
Michael Tom: Cool, can i join?
Me: Yes, it will be HDS, hyrule defenders society
Michael Tom: oh...nevermind.
Michael Tom: I want it to be called Coltymhs.
Me: Huh?
Michael Tom: Thoes are my conditions. take them or leave them.
Me: Coltyhms?
Michael Tom: Just go with it.
Me: Ok.

Me: Madison texted me today...
Michael Tom: what did she say?
Me: she said she missed me?
Michael Tom: whats with the "?"
Me: nothing
Michael Tom: what did you say
Me: i miss you
Michael Tom: and... was that it?
Me: she never answered back
Michael Tom: cool cool. So did you just have a huge hug-fest after that?
Me: never heard from her again.
Michael Tom: dang... she got married probably.
Me: yes
Michael Tom: Not even and invite:( we should both text her something filled with anger.
Me: Oooooo. filled.
Michael Tom: or oozing
Me: yes yes! i would also like teaming... or steaming!
Michael Tom: oh man, i'm so excited!

"We just get the one life, you know. Just one. You can't live someone else's or think it's more important just because it's more dramatic. What happens matters. Maybe only to us, but it matters."

Yesterday Cory left and today was so boring

Yesterday we talked about heart break and today I feel better

"And you will want so much for them to like you and they just wont. And it will break your heart. And that will make your heart bigger..." -Malcolm in the Middle

Yesterday I saw UP and today I want to see it again

Good Days With You

Today we visited 'Dear Lizzie'. This is Me Kim's and Cory's hang out. I don't feel weird going in there anymore because the food is so good and no one looks at me funny because I'm sure they think I'm gay by now. We all had a good ol'time. It's full of good times and plenty of Dizzy Lizzies.

Get Excited

June 23rd. "Far"

I Was Raised on Disney

I love Disney. Always have, always will. Their stories seem deeper to me than what others see them for. Maybe I read into things that aren't there, but I feel that no one has put as much passion into their movies as Disney. I am, of course, talking about the animated classics.

Me and my friend Kimmie have made it a habit to re-visit our childhood through these movies every Monday. This week it was Tarzan.

It ended far too soon.

When I was a kid, I found that I could watch all of these movies over and over without getting sick of them. This same rule applies even years later. If I owned a copy, I would be watching it again, right this minute. They are Masterpieces.

The List

I got 70% of my mission stuff in one day... it's happening so fast... There are so many things I want to do before I leave. So many goals left unfinished. I decided I needed a list. Then I forgot. But now I remember and I'm blogging it so people will make sure I do it.

The List

  1. Stand on the top of a mountain
  2. Hike inside of a cave
  3. Go to a Canyon
  4. Hike a slot canyon
  5. Last Feast
  6. Beat Shantel in a foot race
  7. Jump in and out of a cloud's shadow
  8. Bury a Time Capsule/Treasure Box
  9. Go stargazing (and cloud gazing)
  10. Eat a whole box of Otter pops
  11. Just say it
  12. Take Photos of all my friends
  13. See Harry Potter 6
  14. Movie Marathon
  15. Zelda Marathon
  16. Stink Pot at Glissmeyer's
  17. 3D Chalk with Andie
  18. Go to Logan
  19. Get Iron ports with dad
  20. Sleep under the stars

I revised it because I was told, and became aware, that it was lame.

Winnipeg, Take Me Home

I'm leaving for Canada in August. I'll be living there for 2 years...

... And I just might see this.

And maybe one of these!

And if I'm really lucky... This!

I'm trying not to get my hopes up... But their already sky high!

The End

Maybe I was bored. Maybe my mind was being lazy. Maybe I was just to tired after surgery.

For whatever reason, I stopped reading the life of Pi... Big mistake.

This is one of the best presents I have ever received, and it is an instant favorite. thank you again, Rianna.

I estimate I read 40% of this book going 80 miles an hour.  Not bad.

I don't know if it's based on a true story or not. I tell people it is, but I don't know. Frankly, I don't want to know. I choose to believe it for what it is. Please don't tell me otherwise.

Its a bittersweet thing to finish a book.

Unknown Caller

May 10th [a.k.a. Mothers Day, 2009]

Asleep in my hotel room in St. George. Woken up by my ringing phone. Its an unknown caller. Area code 366. What kind of area code is that? I think to myself. Wrong number. I don't answer.

Still asleep. My phone rings again. Same number. Curious, but still tired. Must be a wrong number calling again. They still don't realize they have their mistake. I don't answer.

I wake up for the final time. The phone is ringing. I decide to answer, but not fast enough. dang.

I realize I have a voice mail. This should be entertaining I think to myself. I Give it a listen. First, confusion. Then my jaw literally dropped. My eyes were opened wide. "Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no!"

Voice Mail
"Hey look, I'm (porting?) in the rain right now, and the most you can do is answer your phone, so just answer. Okay, bye."- Elder Michael Tom

Area Code 366 is for France.

Frantically, I try to redial (knowing very well that it was probably against rules and I could get him in trouble, but if he took the risk...)

"Your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and try again..."

I try again.

"Your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and try again..."

I give up.

I tell my family about my stupid mistake. I can't stop thinking about my stupidity. I had 3 chances. I took none of them. Half heatedly, I try the number again. Desperation compelled me.

My shoulders slump. Why would it work now?

First ring.
My heart misses a beat. ...

Second ring.
My heart beats faster. Its working!

Third ring.
My heart beat me. What if its not him who answers... It could be a crazy french man! It could be someone from the mission office who regulates their calls! I could get in trouble! this could prevent me from going on a mission! I decide, whoever it is, I will politely request for Elder Tom.

Fourth ring.
I stop breathing. I know its coming. I don't know how I know. They will answer now, or they will not answer.

They answer.


"Michael...?" I forgot what I had planed to say.

Silence. "...How did you get this number...?"

"You called me."

"Oh, yeah. My bad."


I cannot describe to you how much I miss my best friend. Or how proud I am of him. He is a major motivation for me to go on a mission. I am no longer scared. I am no longer worried. I am no longer nervous. I am just anxious.

Halfway through our conversation, my phone ran out of battery. I made a dash for my car to get my charger and ran up 3 flights of stairs and down a hallway to our room. When I called him back, he told me he was trying to call me at the same moment. We are totally in sync. Even from halfway across the world.

He told me that he couldn't remember any phone numbers but mine (not even his girlfriends) and he was calling from his missionary cell phone. I have that number saved on my phone. It is so hard for me not to call it. I should delete it, but I cant make myself do it. I'm pretty sure I wont use it. Pretty sure...

Later that day I dubbed him 'My Missionary'. My mom was grossed out, but I thinks its funny and it fits. All in all, it was a great day.

P.S. we are not gay for each other.

This Post is For...

The Doer’s, Who's constant activity and correlating smiles have given me a love for all flavors of life.

The Thinker’s, Who always choose there words carefully and only speak when its best. I challenge myself daily because of you.

The Believer's
, Who, through their faith, have strengthened me. Your life is an example, and don't make the mistake of thinking your not being watched.

I don't think people realize how much of an effect they have on me. I have a great capacity for emotion, and when I am emotional, I am easily impressionable. because of this, you have all left your prints on me, even through the little things. You all have made me who I today, and I thank God every night that he sent you to be there for me. I know that sounds extremely ego centric, but why else would you be in my life? I have done nothing to deserve you, but hope to do everything I can to make you proud.

"Mother! Dont you dare!"

I love my grandparents. They are funny old people. And those who know me know that those are two of my favorite attributes. When you have lived for so long, your personalities crystallize. There are no surprises. My grandpa loves meat and hunting and grandma. He always will. My grandma talks fast, like shes still speaking Spanish, gossips about her neighbors in old lady fashion and is the biggest sweet heart and hardest worker you'll meet.

Yesterday we went to their house to plant flowers in her garden for mothers day... and it was nearly impossible to keep her from helping...

Donna: "Can someone bring this bag of weeds to the garbage?"

Eva (grandma): "I got it babe." *already slinking across the lawn*

Donna: "NO!" *spins around to see grandma tip toeing towards the heavy bag* "Mother! Dont you dare! Somebody stop her!"

Taylor: *runs full speed for the bag and grabs it right before her*

My grandma is just like my mom, only in a 70 year old body. I love it. I love seeing them interact. They are more like sisters than Mother and daughter.

I love the Puerto Rican blood in me. When I see how active my grandma is and see how my great grandma is miraculously still alive at 105 (she was born in 1903!) I feel like I should be able to lift a car over my head!

Botom line is, I love my crazy family and I love spending time with them. Every crazy minute.

Happy Mothers Day