This Post is For...

The Doer’s, Who's constant activity and correlating smiles have given me a love for all flavors of life.

The Thinker’s, Who always choose there words carefully and only speak when its best. I challenge myself daily because of you.

The Believer's
, Who, through their faith, have strengthened me. Your life is an example, and don't make the mistake of thinking your not being watched.

I don't think people realize how much of an effect they have on me. I have a great capacity for emotion, and when I am emotional, I am easily impressionable. because of this, you have all left your prints on me, even through the little things. You all have made me who I today, and I thank God every night that he sent you to be there for me. I know that sounds extremely ego centric, but why else would you be in my life? I have done nothing to deserve you, but hope to do everything I can to make you proud.


  1. the thinkers challenge me daily as well, I need to think more. Thanks for the good post.

  2. yeah great post Jeff. I really like reading your writing too it seems to get better all the time.