Good Days With You

Today we visited 'Dear Lizzie'. This is Me Kim's and Cory's hang out. I don't feel weird going in there anymore because the food is so good and no one looks at me funny because I'm sure they think I'm gay by now. We all had a good ol'time. It's full of good times and plenty of Dizzy Lizzies.

Get Excited

June 23rd. "Far"

I Was Raised on Disney

I love Disney. Always have, always will. Their stories seem deeper to me than what others see them for. Maybe I read into things that aren't there, but I feel that no one has put as much passion into their movies as Disney. I am, of course, talking about the animated classics.

Me and my friend Kimmie have made it a habit to re-visit our childhood through these movies every Monday. This week it was Tarzan.

It ended far too soon.

When I was a kid, I found that I could watch all of these movies over and over without getting sick of them. This same rule applies even years later. If I owned a copy, I would be watching it again, right this minute. They are Masterpieces.

The List

I got 70% of my mission stuff in one day... it's happening so fast... There are so many things I want to do before I leave. So many goals left unfinished. I decided I needed a list. Then I forgot. But now I remember and I'm blogging it so people will make sure I do it.

The List

  1. Stand on the top of a mountain
  2. Hike inside of a cave
  3. Go to a Canyon
  4. Hike a slot canyon
  5. Last Feast
  6. Beat Shantel in a foot race
  7. Jump in and out of a cloud's shadow
  8. Bury a Time Capsule/Treasure Box
  9. Go stargazing (and cloud gazing)
  10. Eat a whole box of Otter pops
  11. Just say it
  12. Take Photos of all my friends
  13. See Harry Potter 6
  14. Movie Marathon
  15. Zelda Marathon
  16. Stink Pot at Glissmeyer's
  17. 3D Chalk with Andie
  18. Go to Logan
  19. Get Iron ports with dad
  20. Sleep under the stars

I revised it because I was told, and became aware, that it was lame.

Winnipeg, Take Me Home

I'm leaving for Canada in August. I'll be living there for 2 years...

... And I just might see this.

And maybe one of these!

And if I'm really lucky... This!

I'm trying not to get my hopes up... But their already sky high!

The End

Maybe I was bored. Maybe my mind was being lazy. Maybe I was just to tired after surgery.

For whatever reason, I stopped reading the life of Pi... Big mistake.

This is one of the best presents I have ever received, and it is an instant favorite. thank you again, Rianna.

I estimate I read 40% of this book going 80 miles an hour.  Not bad.

I don't know if it's based on a true story or not. I tell people it is, but I don't know. Frankly, I don't want to know. I choose to believe it for what it is. Please don't tell me otherwise.

Its a bittersweet thing to finish a book.

Unknown Caller

May 10th [a.k.a. Mothers Day, 2009]

Asleep in my hotel room in St. George. Woken up by my ringing phone. Its an unknown caller. Area code 366. What kind of area code is that? I think to myself. Wrong number. I don't answer.

Still asleep. My phone rings again. Same number. Curious, but still tired. Must be a wrong number calling again. They still don't realize they have their mistake. I don't answer.

I wake up for the final time. The phone is ringing. I decide to answer, but not fast enough. dang.

I realize I have a voice mail. This should be entertaining I think to myself. I Give it a listen. First, confusion. Then my jaw literally dropped. My eyes were opened wide. "Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no!"

Voice Mail
"Hey look, I'm (porting?) in the rain right now, and the most you can do is answer your phone, so just answer. Okay, bye."- Elder Michael Tom

Area Code 366 is for France.

Frantically, I try to redial (knowing very well that it was probably against rules and I could get him in trouble, but if he took the risk...)

"Your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and try again..."

I try again.

"Your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and try again..."

I give up.

I tell my family about my stupid mistake. I can't stop thinking about my stupidity. I had 3 chances. I took none of them. Half heatedly, I try the number again. Desperation compelled me.

My shoulders slump. Why would it work now?

First ring.
My heart misses a beat. ...

Second ring.
My heart beats faster. Its working!

Third ring.
My heart beat me. What if its not him who answers... It could be a crazy french man! It could be someone from the mission office who regulates their calls! I could get in trouble! this could prevent me from going on a mission! I decide, whoever it is, I will politely request for Elder Tom.

Fourth ring.
I stop breathing. I know its coming. I don't know how I know. They will answer now, or they will not answer.

They answer.


"Michael...?" I forgot what I had planed to say.

Silence. "...How did you get this number...?"

"You called me."

"Oh, yeah. My bad."


I cannot describe to you how much I miss my best friend. Or how proud I am of him. He is a major motivation for me to go on a mission. I am no longer scared. I am no longer worried. I am no longer nervous. I am just anxious.

Halfway through our conversation, my phone ran out of battery. I made a dash for my car to get my charger and ran up 3 flights of stairs and down a hallway to our room. When I called him back, he told me he was trying to call me at the same moment. We are totally in sync. Even from halfway across the world.

He told me that he couldn't remember any phone numbers but mine (not even his girlfriends) and he was calling from his missionary cell phone. I have that number saved on my phone. It is so hard for me not to call it. I should delete it, but I cant make myself do it. I'm pretty sure I wont use it. Pretty sure...

Later that day I dubbed him 'My Missionary'. My mom was grossed out, but I thinks its funny and it fits. All in all, it was a great day.

P.S. we are not gay for each other.

This Post is For...

The Doer’s, Who's constant activity and correlating smiles have given me a love for all flavors of life.

The Thinker’s, Who always choose there words carefully and only speak when its best. I challenge myself daily because of you.

The Believer's
, Who, through their faith, have strengthened me. Your life is an example, and don't make the mistake of thinking your not being watched.

I don't think people realize how much of an effect they have on me. I have a great capacity for emotion, and when I am emotional, I am easily impressionable. because of this, you have all left your prints on me, even through the little things. You all have made me who I today, and I thank God every night that he sent you to be there for me. I know that sounds extremely ego centric, but why else would you be in my life? I have done nothing to deserve you, but hope to do everything I can to make you proud.

"Mother! Dont you dare!"

I love my grandparents. They are funny old people. And those who know me know that those are two of my favorite attributes. When you have lived for so long, your personalities crystallize. There are no surprises. My grandpa loves meat and hunting and grandma. He always will. My grandma talks fast, like shes still speaking Spanish, gossips about her neighbors in old lady fashion and is the biggest sweet heart and hardest worker you'll meet.

Yesterday we went to their house to plant flowers in her garden for mothers day... and it was nearly impossible to keep her from helping...

Donna: "Can someone bring this bag of weeds to the garbage?"

Eva (grandma): "I got it babe." *already slinking across the lawn*

Donna: "NO!" *spins around to see grandma tip toeing towards the heavy bag* "Mother! Dont you dare! Somebody stop her!"

Taylor: *runs full speed for the bag and grabs it right before her*

My grandma is just like my mom, only in a 70 year old body. I love it. I love seeing them interact. They are more like sisters than Mother and daughter.

I love the Puerto Rican blood in me. When I see how active my grandma is and see how my great grandma is miraculously still alive at 105 (she was born in 1903!) I feel like I should be able to lift a car over my head!

Botom line is, I love my crazy family and I love spending time with them. Every crazy minute.

Happy Mothers Day