-40 C day

At -40 they always issue a frost bite warning. Frostbite within mintues! Sometimes seconds, if the wind is blowin' hard. This winter has been SO crazy! We have about 4 feet of snow outside right now. I haven't seen the ground in a long time. And People are running out of places to put it all! Their driveways are PILED on either side. Some of the piles are as tall as me. And people are on their roofs shoveling them off, for fear that they will collapse.

According to the farmers almanac, we have less than HALF of the snow we are expected to get this year.... 8 feet! HOLY JUNK! That is a butt load of snow... Lucky the farmers almanac is a load of garbage. No one can predict the weather that far in advance... or at all, for that matter. But who knows. Its been right before (probably).

Mom said something about winter only being 4 months long... its starts snowing in october here, and ends about april... hopefully. It should all be melted in may. How long is that?

this year may be a bit different. late May, early June. thats when I expect all THIS snow to melt.

My mission is so cool. (no pun intended)

CWM's finest!

Prez told us a while back that he might pull us out. Then this week, we were on exchanges, and I was with our (former AP) DL. And Prez called to tell me, he was pulling us out.. for sure.

I was freaking, because (A) We had been doing really good this week, but he didnt know, cause he dosent find out till the end. And (B) How were we going to find the motivation to go out and find people.. when 2 weeks into the transfer Prez basically says "Dont Bother"..

Well our DL didnt like the idea of us leaving, So that night he calls up the APs and gives them a talking to. I wasnt there for the convo, but one of our ZLs (Elder O'driscoll, He's super great) told us he was telling them it was a 'Poor Decision' and he wanted to know why. Crazy. He was defending our area hard core.

Then he talked to Prez and Prez basically said "Find them an apartment or their out". He really dosent like us living in the church... So the next day he tells that to Prez Harrold (BP) and he is like... "Oh.. ok.." Its sad, because he talks all about how the missionaries are the blood of this branch.. and if they left... it would kill them... sad.. and when Prez told me we were outta here, he said I had to tell everyone! I was scared. I didnt want them to think we werent doing work or something..

Well, we went and talked to this realestate guy, and we hadnt really found a suitable apartment in the past, but this guys says that one just opened for cheap and is 2 bedroom and refurbished and is on a month to month lease! Just perfect for Prez!

So we check it out and it is great! We aren't getting it though, We are waiting till one upstairs in the same place opens up. It is it a better location i guess, but is not as nice looking.. but missionary apartments are supposed to be I guess..

So God wants us in Melville. That is all there is to it. And we killed it this week. Prez called to congratulate us. I once had the AP's call to tell me i did good, but never Prez. Man, So good.

I'm goin' to the Jo-Ho's

We met a lot of Jo-Ho's (Jehovah's Witnesses) this week. We had one invite us in the other day. She was SO nice. She was super great and just wanted to talk about the bible and was genuinely interested in what we believe, not because she wanted to join, but because she was curious. So its wasnt all the normal JW junk about trying to convert us and stuff. She was SO animated.. almost comically so.. you would have been good friends. her name was Bunny..

We talked with them about how we believe Jehovah is Jesus. They thought we were crazy. She offered us tea, and we said we didnt drink tea. She said "Oh, thats right, you dont drink anything black." Then she asked if Hot chocolate was ok. we said yes.. But I was confused about what she said about "black drinks". Turns out they thought that we didnt drink anything black, because Cain was cursed to be black... haha! oh boy. Never heard that one before. She thought we were raciest against drinks! bwaaha! We taught them the WOW.