I just got off work at me new job. My new job at the Gas-and-Go. The same Gas-and-Go my brother works at. It was the 6-12 shift. The same 6-12 shift that my brother worked today. It was awesome!

Just me and him (basically) for 6 hours. 6 hours of playing "boy or girl?" in the BUSTED magazine, hoping we would see someone we knew. 6 hours of jamming out to Tegan and Sara and The Devil Whale. 6 hours of quoting 30 Rock and making fun of Asians. And work too.. we did that too.

His almost Fiance Cali came in and brought us (him) some pizza. That's when I decided I really need a girlfriend. Someone who would want to come visit me on late night shifts, and I could do the same. Someone who will make fun of Adam like Cali makes fun of me.

At the end of the night, we walked out into the parking lot after locking up, Adam yelled "See you at home roomie!" and we raced back to highland, back to the bedroom that we share. Back to our bunk beds (I've got top bunk) to end the night by watching a few episodes Arrested Development, where I sit right now typing this on his laptop. We just do everything together now. It's hard to think that 5 years ago we couldn't stand each other.

But soon he will start work at his new fancy DHI job. Soon he will get married and move out and I will be stuck at Gas-and-Go with the trailer park people trying to use their food stamps to buy cigarettes and booze. Alone. No one to discuss Ben Kweller with. No one to help me find celebrity look alikes in the mug shot magazine and almost pee themselves when the ugliest guy on the page has the same name as me. (It was the first guy I've ever seen that spells it the same as me too)

I have this fantasy that me and him never get married just stay in this house long enough to either kick mom and dad out, or just outlive them. The thing is, mom will live til shes 112 and I know that Adam would walk around naked. But still, it would be pretty dang fun.

So, life's gonna move on. And that's ok. Cali is a pretty cool addition to the family and I haven't had my own room in 2 1/2 years. Things will work out alright

Tonight was pretty great though.

(Pretty sure that's Adam and Taylor.. but it fits our relationship better)


  1. Jeffery! good writing. That is definitely adam and taylor.

  2. Thank you Kylee. And maybe I just shouldnt have said anything with the picture.. maybe no one would notice.