I Can't Get Too Mad

We are teaching one of the Halcro girls friends. Her name is Cassie. She is super funny, and I am excited to work with her. She is super down to earth and really thinks about the things we tell her and ask her todo. She is thinking about baptism and we learned about why she hasnt decided on a date yet. She just wants the support of her parents, and shes not getting that from her mom yet. Her dad sounds good though.
She said she leaves for a soccer trip on July 15th. That is my freaking 2 year mark! She said it is very possible for her to be baptized before that.
that is great. We will get 'er. She is gonna be great.

A New One Every Month

So we met a lady named Kathleen last week. She was very timid, but super nice. She said we could come back "anytime". So we went back on Sunday (not like we had to go to church or anything). We taught her about the restoration and it went really well! We invited her to be baptized and she accepted! She said she really wanted to start going to a church.

She is super! We just got done teaching her about an hour ago, and she said the closing prayer and asked for a comfirmation that the Book of Mormon was true. She said that she felt so happy after the prayer. She just felt really good, she said. She got her answer. Man! I cant baptize these people fast enough! haha!

We're Cool

We went to the Halcro's twice. They are so fun! Sister Halcro is a Mckay, and reminds me of mom because her obsession with chocolate. Although she is not weird like mom, because she likes MILK chocolate! The best kind. So we get chocolate when we go there. Brother Halcro is always cracking jokes, in ANY situation, and is supper funny. (ex. When his oldest daughter was born, RIGHT AFTER SHE WAS DELIVERED he turns to the doctor and says "I'm just glad shes not Chinese!" and the confused doctor asks why. He says "Well, I heard 1 in ever 3 babies born now adays is Chinese." bu dum cheee. haha! love it. He had to be saving that one for a while) Already love the Halcros BTW. I'm glad I'll be living with the Scheiss' after the mish, so I can go visit them on occation.

As Usual

We waited for the transfer train to come in from Winnipeg.. They were REALLY late. Turns out that they all got pulled over for tickets!.. so that delayed things. Well 12 o'clock rolls around and they still werent there! Then we got a phone call from the sisters "The Elder Rolled off the road! They rolled over like 4 times!"
So the ZLs run off and we are left there.. wondering. Then they call and say "Find a place to sleep. We are gonna be a while"
So we all leave, But we took a detour to go see the wreck. The truck was upright, and no one was there. So we called the sisters and they told us what happened. The Elders are fine. Slipped on ice and went over the overpass.. They didnt have any blockers to keep cars from falling off that thing... thats stupid.
One of the Sisters is brand new. She was heading for her first area.. what a welcome. CWM!

So much better than texting

It all started when I lost a key, and my oil vile in a field. A field of SNOW! remember how I said we had 4 feet? Well sometimes I just cant help running through it. It is so fun!

There is a playground in the middle of this field and I ran to the monkeybars, did a
backflip and jumped in the snow and it was great... then that night.. I realized I didnt have my key.. or my vile. I was only a little upset, because we also set a couple of baptism dates with our new investigators Christie and Frank. They are great. Both 20. Im actually older than them! it is really weird to teach people your age..

Anyway. We decided to go back the next day and look for them.... I was SO certain we would never find them. 4 feet of snow remember! But I didnt doubt that God knew right where they were, and he would lead me to them, if it was in his plans.

So I prayed, and looked, and found nothing. I followed my foot steps into the far end of the field before I decided that it was ridiculous and i would never find anything.

So I started walking back, But instead of logically following my footsteps back, I decided i wanted to trounced through the deep snow back. Then in the middle of the feild, I stumbled upon a imprint of my body after jumping in the snow... I sat there for a minute... just taking it in. I knew my key was going to be here.. I dont know how. I just felt it.

I dug around lightly, where they key would have fallen out of my pocket.. and there it was... A small miracle. I thanked Heavenly Father, then asked about my oil vile. I kept digging, but it wasnt there. I felt like I should check one more time at the monkey bars.. But I had checked there thoroughly before.. But I went anyway.

There were a lot of holes in the ground where I dug there... but I picked a hole, and started digging.. Nothing for a while... So I kept digging. I was about to give up, thinking that finding the key was good enough, and I was pushing my luck with the Big Guy. I was the one that was stupid enough to run through the snow with a stray key and oil vile in my pocket...

So I stopped.... and looked up. And there, on top of the pile of snow I was just digging out of the hole, was my snow cover vile. You could barley even see the gold through the snow around it... I cant even describe to you what I felt in that moment.. Shock, Awe, Peace, Love, EXCITEMENT! I pick it up slowly and walked back to the car where my comp was waiting. I showed it to him and said "God answers prayer"