We're Cool

We went to the Halcro's twice. They are so fun! Sister Halcro is a Mckay, and reminds me of mom because her obsession with chocolate. Although she is not weird like mom, because she likes MILK chocolate! The best kind. So we get chocolate when we go there. Brother Halcro is always cracking jokes, in ANY situation, and is supper funny. (ex. When his oldest daughter was born, RIGHT AFTER SHE WAS DELIVERED he turns to the doctor and says "I'm just glad shes not Chinese!" and the confused doctor asks why. He says "Well, I heard 1 in ever 3 babies born now adays is Chinese." bu dum cheee. haha! love it. He had to be saving that one for a while) Already love the Halcros BTW. I'm glad I'll be living with the Scheiss' after the mish, so I can go visit them on occation.

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