Did I Mention I'm Busing?

That's right. They took away my car. But I don't care! The Transit system is the most interesting thing. We will jump on a bus one minute (and I have no clue where we are going, this being my new area and all) and the next thing I know, we are at the right place at the right time.

But its not without its cons. We will often get stuck waiting for a bus for 15 minutes. And its freaking cold outside! Every time that happens, I want to chop off my toes!

Then one time, we jumped on the wrong bus... 1hr and 20 min later we got off that wrong bus and walked the rest of the way to our dinner appointment.

Then there is that second door.. Not the front one you get on, But the one in the back. My new Comp., Elder Chubak, told me that a lot of people have trouble with them because the button you are supposed to press is heat sensored, and they don't know that. Plus they close so in like 2 seconds and the bus driver dosen't check to see if everyone is off because he has stops to get to on time.

So... one time, Elder Chubak, and I was right behind him, but a little too slow, and the door shut. So I took off my glove, thinking I was so smart, and pressed the button.

Well, it didn't work and the bus drove off with me in it... No worries tho. I just got off at the next stop and he had to run to catch me.

I wondered what happened, and he told me that SOME of them were ones you had to press hard, and not heat sensors... You think he would have mentioned that sooner.

With Thankful Hearts

This Thanksgiving was hard. With Elder Orton sick, I had nothing to do all week but think of you. Think of family and friends and everyone getting together.. and how I don't get to be a part of it.  But as we sat around Brother Zaharchuck's (our Ward Mission leader) table, he asked us "What is it your Thankful for?"

My comments were full of my family and the gospel. but as we went around, the missionaries who had been out longer than me spoke of the blessing it was to be here with them, to be in Brandon. And that got me thinking... I looked over at the missionaries, who were on one side of the table. They had all left family behind, they had all made the same sacrifice. Then I looked over at the other end of the table. At the Zaharchucks and the Craigs. They had given us so much. They had given the Lord so much. And they loved us enough, to invite us over to celebrate American Thanksgiving.. Huge feast and all!

I felt blessed. And I didn't miss home anymore. While I'm away, where ever I go, the ward will be my family. And I love them.


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I killed the Part.

Bizzy, the First Nation Sensation

This week me and Elder Orton beat boxed with a drunk native.

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