Just as I brush the last bits of snow off my shoulder I look up and see... Spring!

"Spring?" I say, "Is it really you?"

"Yes, yes it is." Spring replied, as joy filled the air.

And that was that.

Granted, last week was sunny too, but the weatherman kept scaring me with threats of snow so I couldn't enjoy it; that bitenuker. And now that it's warm that snow will be rain and I love rain! (refer to profile) So I'm in the clear.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love all seasons. But spring is my absolute favorite! It can do no wrong! (Summer gets a bit to hot. Fall starts out great, but gets ugly way to fast. And Winter... I just get sick of snow.)

So you can imagine the euphoria I felt when I woke up yesterday (in the gully!) to a bright, sunny, cloudless day! At home, I opened all the doors in the house and just let spring in. (I swear that is the last time I will personify Spring in this post) I blasted some music and just felt great! Then I thought "Jeffery you small minded fool!" (as I often call myself when I think in the 3rd person) "You need to go outside and spread this joy with others! Get them off there butts and out in the sun!"

So I did. I ran to the Orton's and gently persuaded Sam and Andie away from there electronic devices with witty puns and some light tickling.

Now out in the yard I realized I had a problem... My plan to spread happiness was half-baked. I had no ideas of what to do. So I decided to think of suggestions as we passed the Frisbee around a bit. I came up with human elastic and ride bikes to Kholers for some sodas. Both were great in my eyes. For everyone else... not so much.

Apparently human elastic brought back some painful memories and no one dared do it for more than one measly round... babies. And when did my friends get to grown/stuck up to ride bikes to Kholers? No, they had to drive to KK... Well I was having none of it. Where was there Spring spirit?

Well, we didn't do anything I wanted to do, but the day was salvaged by hanging out with Andie, who makes everything fun. But my "friends" never did returned from the store... or at least not to get me.

I didn't think this post would go so long or that it would digress into issues I am having with friends at the moment, but the bottom line is that Spring is here but no one knows what that means. Its like someone just gave a baby a shot gun. He has endless possibilities, but has no idea what to do with it.

First Blog

First post, First post. My very first post.

I have never been a band-aid ripper. I either pull them off so slowly that I can't feel the pain or I wear them so long that they fall off in the shower or on there own when the adhesive wares off. I cant bring myself to pull it "right off".

I think that is how I am in life. I was the biggest procrastinator in school. Whenever I got a journal I would either never start it or I would hate what I wrote and I would rip the pages out. All my journals are empty with the first 30 pages missing. Ive never "ripped" in my life and this blog is no exception.

I have had it for months without making a single post! I couldn't think of anything good enough to start it. Also, I know no one will read it. So why write?

Well... I don't really have an answer to that right now. I guess I'll just do it because I feel like I should and if a better reason comes up then I'll have my answer. Sometimes, that how life works.

My name is Jeffery. Welcome to my blog.