Well, I know one thing...

The Banana Gag is STILL going! Sister horning sent me a wallet sized picture of a banana.. So we sent her a plantain. She stuck a stinky banana in Elder Ortons luggage, so he sent her a package of rotten, month old bananas... Me and Elder Gines are working on a candy theme. We have a box of runts.. with only bananas in it.. and some other stuff.
We also want to bake some banana bread with a whole banana in the middle.... peal and all.
Should be good.

We Named Him Pikachu

We found a mouse on the side of the road the other day and he was sorta alive, but didnt move much. It was super cold. So I put him in a plastic bag and I stuck him in my coat. We werent going in yet... so i contacted some people with a mouse in my pocket. and they didnt have a clue. It was perfect.

This Letter Will Be a Figurative Slap

Some times you have to give up everything for the pearl of great price. Matthew 13:45,46 or something...

August 5th

Yesterday was Easter monday.. apparently a holiday in Canada where they close down all the stores.... Canada is so lazy.. It also happened to be my 8 month mark of when I came to Canada. Great, im 8 eh?

There is this crazy kid next to me

There is this crazy kid next to me that is playing a video game and banging on his little keyboard.. He is really getting into it. I have been staring right at him for 3 minutes and he hasnt even noticed...

Who brings their kid to the library to play VIDEO GAMES! i mean, i love video games, but that just makes a mockery of everything i library stands for...

Elder Bot

Elder Palica was poopie the whole first part of the week. I was just mad at him for like 2 days, and if he HAD emotion he would have been mad at me too. Just for those 2 days he completely changed! He just did a whole 180! SO stupid. He wouldnt joke around with me and was basically telling me that he was the epitome of obedience, which was like saying that I disobedient. I was just ticked at him. He was so arrogant.

Then i found out that he was keeping tally marks in his planner of how many times he had a violent thought towards me... one day it was like 7! holly freak! this kid is nuts! i thought i was gonna die.. it was really creepy.

He is like one of those unstable kids that you dont want to mess with because you dont even know what will make them snap... It really got me to think about the whole 'robots getting a mind of their own and become violent' cliche... Man! I was kinda freaked out! i sleep in the same room as this kid!

But all is well because i think he shut down and unplugged for a while. His RAM is back to normal, so hopefully no malfunction or crashes for a while. Where's his operators manual?

I Can Handle Henderson

So, me and Elder palica were tracting one night, and it was after 8:00 (when we are suposed to stop) so we were heading back to the car... and this whole week me and elder palica have been joking about baptizing the next ward pianist. because only 2 people play in this ward and i am pretty sure they learned only a little while ago, just so they COULD have someone play at church. So, not the greatest.. but im happy they are trying... anyway. We were walking back and we saw this guy playing the piano in his window.. For some reason i freaked out and was like We HAVE to talk to him! and elder palica didnt want to because it was late, but we did anyway. So we went it... and he invited us right it. he then told us that "eveyone else" was already down stairs"... we were really confused.. and then he saw our name tags and realized who we were!. He thought we were friends of his daughters coming to her HOT TUB PARTY... i wish...

so then we got to talking with him and his wife and it went really well! we are going back this saturday.

I hope they get baptized. then when people ask "how did you meet the missionaries" they can tell them "They came to our daughters hot tub party!"

So We Met a Man With One Leg

Elder Palica and I are getting along ok. He is a strange bird.. He never ceases to amaze/bug me. I just cant figure him out. its frustrating. He is very complex. A human compilation of 1000 different quirks, and at least half of them are irritating to me. But he is so quiet and hidden i can hardly tell. I pretty sure he went to Milfrod Academy.

Summer is Only 3 Months Here

It is getting a bit warmer here.. but whenever i suggest spring is coming, the canadians all laugh at me. AHHH! what is wrong with this freaking country!

She Belives in Vampires

Man, as crazy and this ward is, i still love them. i feel connected to them because i know that they found the truth. I want to help people like that. So far.. not going so good. As far as i know Alice is still going to that stupid church... and Henderson has been a total failure.. nothing is coming from the work here. It is sad. people refuse to listen, but its still true.

Me and elder palica have been talking about what it might be like in heaven when we see these people again. We tried to tell you!

Sad thought, but maybe we are here to stand as witnesses that these people got their fare chance.

Its a dirty job, but somebodies got to do it.

Poor Kid. He Tries Too Hard.

We found this guys blackberry on the ground this week. When we gave it back to him we commited him to come to church (instead of giving us 20 dollars like he wanted). But he didnt come.

Also, aparently, some crazy lady is tracting in our area and giving out pass along cards and pamphlets, because we talked to 2 people the other day that said someone from our church was JUST there. But no one would tract our area... One lady discribed her as a "lady (without a name tag) by herself"..

We have named her the "Lone Tracter" or "Phantom Tracter"