I Can Handle Henderson

So, me and Elder palica were tracting one night, and it was after 8:00 (when we are suposed to stop) so we were heading back to the car... and this whole week me and elder palica have been joking about baptizing the next ward pianist. because only 2 people play in this ward and i am pretty sure they learned only a little while ago, just so they COULD have someone play at church. So, not the greatest.. but im happy they are trying... anyway. We were walking back and we saw this guy playing the piano in his window.. For some reason i freaked out and was like We HAVE to talk to him! and elder palica didnt want to because it was late, but we did anyway. So we went it... and he invited us right it. he then told us that "eveyone else" was already down stairs"... we were really confused.. and then he saw our name tags and realized who we were!. He thought we were friends of his daughters coming to her HOT TUB PARTY... i wish...

so then we got to talking with him and his wife and it went really well! we are going back this saturday.

I hope they get baptized. then when people ask "how did you meet the missionaries" they can tell them "They came to our daughters hot tub party!"

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