Elder Bot

Elder Palica was poopie the whole first part of the week. I was just mad at him for like 2 days, and if he HAD emotion he would have been mad at me too. Just for those 2 days he completely changed! He just did a whole 180! SO stupid. He wouldnt joke around with me and was basically telling me that he was the epitome of obedience, which was like saying that I disobedient. I was just ticked at him. He was so arrogant.

Then i found out that he was keeping tally marks in his planner of how many times he had a violent thought towards me... one day it was like 7! holly freak! this kid is nuts! i thought i was gonna die.. it was really creepy.

He is like one of those unstable kids that you dont want to mess with because you dont even know what will make them snap... It really got me to think about the whole 'robots getting a mind of their own and become violent' cliche... Man! I was kinda freaked out! i sleep in the same room as this kid!

But all is well because i think he shut down and unplugged for a while. His RAM is back to normal, so hopefully no malfunction or crashes for a while. Where's his operators manual?

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  1. where's his operators manual? that is hilarious.

    This guys sounds like a freak.