Well, It's all over...

Elder Liechty,

I am sorry to report that your driving privileges have been suspended for the remainder of your mission. If missionaries are involved in any preventable accident that requires a claims adjuster or that could lead to litigation or action against the Church, they automatically lose their driver certification and are not allowed to drive again during their mission. Any exceptions must be approved by the Missionary Department after all the facts have been reviewed. Your certification has been revoked as of 22Dec2010.

While you are waiting for your car to be repaired, no car will be reassigned!!* While waiting for the repair of your vehicle, you and your companion are essentially walking*. Once the vehicle is repaired, Elder Stokes will be the designated driver.

Elder Paulson

*Emphasis added

Sooo.. while driving down a unlit gravel road covered in snow and ice, late at night, somewhere on a farm in backwoods Saskatcha'bush'... I some how crashed our car in a ditch. Oh yeah. And it was overcast too.

And now that its happened, and I have officially lost my driving privileges and every ounce of pride I once had... I have nothing to do but laugh with 'em.

It was stupid. But it makes a GREAT story.

We got stuck. We got REAL stuck. Not just "grab your ford pick up and a ratchet tie" stuck. Im talking tow-truck-rocking, more-damage-getting-out-than-
in stuck. It was bad... I mean good! Stuck real good.

I tend to exaggerate, I know. But trust me, although I AM exaggerating, im doing it that much.

And yes we caught air. At LEAST a few inches.

I told the police i was going about 50-60 ks. (not to fast.. for a back road) But that was just a guess. I had no idea how fast I was going. Probably closer to 60 than 50.

Anyway. We were coming back from a lesson that lasted far too long, with a less active member who lives much to far away from our home. The only reason we were visiting him was because it was on our way back from the baptism.

It was about 9:00 and we still had 45 min till we would be home. Anyway. He lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere. And we were driving down his... driveway? (its like a road leading to his house, but its half a mile long." Well, thats supposed to lead us back to the road that takes us to the main road. Problem is, his driveway? "T"s when it comes to this road. I didnt see the "T" soon enough. And... Breaks... Slide... Ditch... Crash...

You get it.

many phone calls later we were on our way home. The member and his wife were SO helpful and I will always be grateful. We were given permission to drive one of their cars home, after a failed attempt to get our car out. He even went to get his bobcat.. and he got it stuck! there is a LOT of snow out in the middle of nowhere.

So. the next day we came and got everything sorted out and got the tow guy and figured out a ride for us and it took the whole day. Super lame, and gave me a head ache.

So the week was lame. Because we had to walk.. But we were still able to do a bunch of stuff for Christmas and people have been nice to take us places. Its been good. I feel bad.. but not that much.

We will see what happens

I told all the youth in the branch (there are a TON) to read the Book of Mormon, and whoever does it the fastest gets a prize. Some of them are competing for my name tag. One of their friends, who is not a member, is doing it too. We really want to teach her soon. How cool would that be if she has already read the BOM.

They all started THAT day! One of the kids was on like 2 Nephi that night! Crazy. If only it was that easy to get investigators to read.

Love Melville

The Gerstners were wonderful. You walk into their home, and you would never guess they were less active. Pictures of the prophet on the wall, "Ensigns" all over. We talked forever about heart surgery, pork pie and a vision Sister gerstner had about a naked man on an alabaster stone bench (?). So funny. I could not stop smiling the whole visit. They all talk over eachother (brother and sister Gerstner and their 40 year old son that lives with them) So hilarious. I got a picture with them after. I love them. They gave us REAL scottish shortbread afterwards. So sweet.


This man we have been teaching, named Chuck (who is the funniest guy ever) came up to me in church and said, "I want to be baptized. when can we do it." We have been working with him for about 3 months, and he always said he wasnt ready, but he has been reading the BOM everyday. He is saying morning prayers and he is coming to church whenever he can. He is ready.

Then he said "Are you gonna be able to hold me? I'm like 250 pounds!" I was shocked. He is a big guy, but i was shocked because he wanted ME to baptize him.. I amlost started to cry (and I kinda did later that night, reflecting on it) I have never been asked to baptize anyone before. And I love Chuck so much. He is so funny. And Brenda (his Girl) is so hilarious to talk to. I love every moment I get to spend with them. But also... transfers are comming up, so I may not be able to do this one.. its bitter sweet. But im just glad he is doing it.

So that is happening in January, after he gets married.
. We meet some wonderfully prepared people.

It's a Wonderful Life.

We watch a Christmas movie every year for Christmas Zone Conference.

I was pretty excited. I grew up watching that movie! I love it. I love all the old movies and their over-glamorous actors and actresses and perfect camera shots and crummy special effects. It just makes me smile the whole time.

I felt like a little kid again. In my Christmas PJ's snuggled up and the foot of the couch (their was never room for me ON the couch when all the older kids were there), eating very sticky homemade caramel popcorn.

Everyone around me was upset that we had to watch another OLD movie and I was just beaming.

I don't know what their problem was.. at least it was in color.

I Bring The Party

We did not get invited to a members home for Thanksgiving. And thats just fine by me. They wouldn't have known how to do it right anyway. Last year was good, the Craigs and the Zaharchucks fed us and all the other missionaries in Brandon. They did a wonderful job, and I knew we wouldn't get that kind of treatment this time around. So I was fine by myself. I have become quite the self proclaimed chef on my mission. I made us a pork roast and pork ribs. we have lemon barbecue chicken and mashed potatoes. We also had salad and cooked pees and carrots. Not bad for just grabbing everything i could find in our freezer. It looked like a feast! and it was! I loved it.

No stuffing or turkey, but we did our best.

We Will Get Along

So we had to drive to Regina to drop off Elder Mitton and to pick up Elder Stokes. The roads were SO bad. I dont know why, but that always seems to happen when we have to drive in. There was an ice storm that morning in Melville and a snow storm in Regina. We had to chip off half an inch of ice from out windshield before we could even leave.

So, somewhere along the road, the two storms met, and it was just chaos. We were stuck behind a snow plow going 30ks for about 30 min... ahh! But we made it alive.

But on our way back... no so lucky...................... We died..

no, just kidding. But we did get stuck.. our front right tire caught the side of a snow bank and it just pulled us right off the road. I tried to avoid it, but the car didnt want to turn. So we went in. It actually wasn't bad. It was just like parking on the side of the road. Very smooth. And we weren't even that far off. But there was no way we were getting back.

Luckily we were only about 30 min out of Regina, and we still had service. We had to wait about 2 hrs for the ZLs to come pull us out with their truck. But the tire pressure on our front right was really low. So we decided not to continue. And we headed back to regina.

Walmart said their was no leak... but it was still leaking.. (idiots) So we didnt drive back. that night.

I got to see Sister Horning and Elder Christensen because we met the other missionaries being transfered. It was great.

The next morning.. our tired had stopped leaking. So... We drove home.

Well we stopped in Fort Qu'Appelle (which is about 45 min from Melville) to check our tire, and it was still fine. So we kept going.... It wasnt until we got back that Elder Stokes realized he didnt have the phone...

He dropped it in the snow in Fort Qu'Appelle... AHHH!! They told us they would send us a new phone.. it would be 75 bucks each... yeah right!

We asked Prez Harrold if he would drive us to Fort Qu'Appelle to see if we could find it. He did. And not only that he bought us doughnuts and hot chocolate! He is a great man.

And we found the phone. great!

But thats not all. We went tracting in Yorkton. It was about 7:00, so pretty dark. And as we are walking around.. this cop car pulls up. The guy gets out of his car and comes right up to us. "Are you the ones knocking on peoples doors and ringing their doorbells?" "....yes...." "Come have a seat." He has us sit on a bench for a while. he sees our tags and our ties and we show him our license and our ministerial certificate. Then he is all nice to us and says "I dont think many B&E's wear white shirts and ties."

He was actually pretty funny. He let us sit in the back of his cop car. He told us that some one called the cops on us. Jerks... But thats the first time that has ever happened on my mission. After he said. "Im not gonna tell you to stop.. because its your job and you have the right." it was great.

So... Crazy. And all in the first couple days...

Whats in store..

Its a Halloween Miracle!

We taught the Littletents for the FIRST time since I've been here. They are a Less Active family, and only the dad and one of his little girls have been baptized. And I feel like they have been avoiding us like the plague! But yesterday Justine (the Little girl that was just baptized (14)) came to church, which wasn't surprising because she LOVES church and will come whenever she can, But her little sister Shynika came (also not too surprising) and her brother Kellie. And (this is the surprising part) her older sister Morning Dove came! (they are Native American, hence the name Littletent) Well that was great! So we tried to set an appointment up, but we called the parents and they said they would call back, but they didn't.. so we didn't think it would happen. But we saw them walking around Melville, so we stopped to talk with them, and they said come by at 7:00.

So we did! And we had a really good time getting to know them and talking about the Book of Mormon. Then we talked about why Justine Decided to be Baptized... I have never heard a testimony like that for ANY 14 year old. She talked about how she wanted to belong to the church and that she heard from her friends about how good it felt to be Baptized. Then she talked about how she felt so clean after baptism and that she gets this warm feeling every time she prays and she cant describe it. But what she said that i think was most impressive.. she said she wanted to be an example to her brother and sisters...

Justine is a quiet girl.. this was completely out of character.. and heartfelt.

We talked with Morning Dove (17) and Shynika (11) and their mom about how they were feeling about baptism. They just said they were thinking about it. So we talked a bit about prayer and about how they would get an answer if they asked if they should be baptized. I felt bad, because i thought it would have been good to be more bold, But their dad is still really into the traditional ways, and i didn't want to offend them. I wanted them to like me so i could come back!

So we just left it at that.

Then we asked who wanted to give the closing prayer. Justine offered it. At the end, we were standing up to leave, and no more than 5 seconds after we said amen, Morning Dove says "I want to be baptized." We sat back down! She said it again "I want to be baptized. I dont know... I just feel something inside me. Its, like, screaming. I want to be baptized.... i cant explain it..."

Shocked. Needless to say...

"I want to be baptized."

...The Spirit ROCKS!

I love my mission.

Love It

We met this family tracting. Total miracle! We knock on this door, one of the last ones we were going to do, and the lady comes out and looks shocked... It was really weird at first, but then shes like "Mormons!" Which is weird because lots of people think we are Jehovah Witnesses. (the Church isn't very big in this mission)

Then she goes on to tell us that she is a member! she was baptized in Winnipeg and she moved to Cardston. She went to the temple (for baptisms i believe) and she got her patriarchal blessing. She moved to Yorkton.. and soon after, the branch there closed and moved to a town called "Carry the Kettle". She had no idea there was a church in Melville.

None of her family are members. She wants us to come teach them...

The biggest miracle of my mission

The Temple

YES! I was so excited! my first time to the temple in 15 months!

Well... we woke up in the morning.. and the snow was still going and the wind was still blowing... we tried to get the other elders truck going.. but it got stuck in the middle of the parking lot... So we go for our car, which is in a better location.

Well we got out ok.. but the street were crazy.. I will never forget that night. It was dark and there was like 6 inches of snow on the roads. Everywhere we went people were getting stuck. The normal road we would take to get to the temple was not accessible.. it was about 5:20 at this point. our session was starting at 6:00.

We tried to drive around a different way. When the weather is this bad, traffic rules no longer apply. People are parked in the intersection and flipping U-ies where ever they can. no one pays attention to what color the traffic lights are. certain streets are blocked off.. your in a maze, and you are just trying to find your way out.

Well, the other route we wanted to take was also blocked. 5:30.

We turn around and try the last possible way.. and we find all the other Elders parked on a bridge. Someone got stuck in the middle. and they were trying to move them...

We get out and see what is going on. There is no way anyone is getting through... 5:45 We were within walking distance of the temple.. but not that quick.. Darn you Satan!

There were some people parked behind us, so I thought I better go tell them that no one was getting through any time soon. I talked to this lady, and she told me that she had already made it through on the other side when she was going the other way.. I was so excited! We might make it!

She said she was going to try it.. (driving on the wrong side of the road.. again. no traffic rules) so we watched her. And she made it!

5:50. We jump in our car and follow her tracks. It looked like really deep snow. It was really scary... But we mad it too!

We park and run back to tell the other Elders we were going. We get back in the car and drive as fast as we can on slippery snowy roads.... but.... when we pull into the temple parking lot.. 6:10..

We walk inside. It felt so good to be in a temple. Even the waiting room. It felt like home. Canada is crazy.. And for the first time, everything just felt normal again... One of the temple workers comes up to us and tells us they held the session for 5 min... but it had already started and they couldn't let us in... No session for us.

Everyone looks at me.. I am the only one that hasn't been to the temple yet...

But I was ok.

What an adventure!

I'll never forget it.

We Dont Have a Font in Melville

So, we drove with Brother Markle (Jack) to his baptism. When we got there, the font was maybe half full... Do you know how long it takes to fill those things!? man... So we started half an hour late, and it was still pretty shallow. It took 4 times to get him under. They really had to push him down hard. He looked so scared the whole time... But they got him.

Maybe we should have taken the time to explain why we were dunking him repeatedly... oh well!


The other day, Elder Mitton and I were laying in bed (not together...) and we heard this noise coming from upstairs. I thought it was the pipes, but Elder Mitton was certain it sounded exactly like someone walking around the Shop. (we live under a members printing business).

Luckily I was given a machete by a departing missionary as my inheritance. So grabbed it, and we went upstairs to kill the intruder. But we turned the lights on, and no one was there...

So it was the pipes right? But the thing is... when we went back down stairs.... the noise had stopped...


Believe it!

Listen To This

We all know that the first principles and ordinances of the gospel are Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost and Endure to the End. And we can find ALL of that in the book of Mormon.. But did you know that it is set up perfectly to teach us them.. and in order too!

This is the story. Sister Zebrowski was told she would be teaching about Moroni in gospel doctrine class in her ward some years ago. But it was FULL of very intelligent people who had been mission presidents and return missionaries and such. She wondered how she would teach them something NEW about this great prophet.. But she didn't know what to do. She prayed about it throughout the week, asking for help. Then, one day, she woke up a few minutes before her alarm. She saw what time it was and tried to go back to sleep, but she heard a voice tell her "Moroni is a perfect example of Enduring to the end".. She thought "That's perfect! That is how I will teach about Moroni. So she tried to go back to sleep. But the Lord wasn't done. "Nephi is a perfect example of Faith" "Alma is a perfect example of Repentance" And in third Nephi Christ teaches us the true way of Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

God Crafted the Book Of Mormon for us. The Stories included are not coicidence. The Church is true.

Our Apartment

I'm now in Melville and The George went to be DL in another part of the city. Whitewashed in, Whitewashed out. like a dirty crime. Did the deed and got out fast.

Our Apartment is a basement apartment. We live under the business of a member. Its got one bathroom, one bedroom, a Kitchen, one class room, one Chapel, a Clerks office... oh. yeah. thats right. I live in the church! Crazy huh?!

I dont even know how to describe it to you fully. But just picture this... When our bedroom door is open.. its our apartment.. when its closed.... THE CHURCH! Crazy. I guess we have some extra incentive to keep it clean..

Melvin Keith Jorgenson

Melvin Keith Jorgenson was baptised this Friday, and confirmed on Sunday. It was unforgettable!

The Service was nice. Because of the awkward time (5:30 on a friday), only the people on the program came, but Mel wanted it to be small anyway. His dear friend (and recent convert) sister Rossett gave a talk. she was so nervous, it was her first time. and Brother Schiess gave one as well. Mel was so nervous in the water. we could hear him talking from beyond the closed doors. Talking about how nervous he was. I thought the fount was filled pretty high... but it barely reached his waist. He is a BIG guy. He didn't want to bend backwards.. he was scared he wouldn't be able to get back up.. Turns out its was all OK though, cause he floats pretty good. They really had to shove him.. His foot came up the first time. He was devastated. He did NOT want to do it again.. I was almost positive he was gonna give up and say "No, that's it. That's enough. The Good Lord will understand.." But he didn't. He's a trooper. He went down the second time. As he came up out of the water, the first words he said were "Shoot! My D*mn foot came up!" HAHA! But it didn't break the surface. He was good.

While they changed I did a musical number, it was good. We had another Elder play a version of "come thou fount" as I sung the words to "Joseph Smith First Prayer" and timed it to fit as we had the audience watch a silent clip of the first vision from the Restoration movie. It was really really good. Refreshments afterwards.

That was it. The craziest baptism ever. I didn't expect anything less. So informal. So "Mel". Just prefect.

Being a missionary rocks!

I'm just lucky I guess

Elder Quinton L. Cook of the quorum of the 12 is coming the the Saskatoon Stake (Reorganization) Conference! He will be interviewing for new Stake President. They haven't changed Prez is 11 years! Since the Stake was made! ha ha! He is so ready to get out of there! He has had us over for dinner a few time and I can just tell.

Well. Melvin has quit smoking. It is so good! he says he can never smoke again because he doesn't want anyone to find out and get mad. ha ha! He is 5 days clean. So he is all set for his Baptism on the 17th! He keeps saying he wants to get it over with, he wants to be a member all ready! ha ha!

A New Record!

MEL CAME TO CHURCH! WOOOOOO! This is the first time an investigator has come to church from this area since Leon got baptised 6 months ago!

So things are looking up. But It really is stressful to have someone at church... all the talks were on missionary work, and I was like... "MAN he is gonna be so bored!" But afterwards people were talking to him, and he said one of the talks just hit him *points to his heart* right here. HAHA! He is so old. I bet he doesn't even know what the talks were about, but he loves people and talking to people and people talking to him, so I think he chooses his favorite talks based on who gave them..

So, he has a bad leg, and sitting on the hard seats is torcher for him.. so after sacrament he said "I think I'm gonna sit this next class out." and he went and sat on the couch.... Then when its ends, he goes to the bathroom and we are waiting to go to the next class.. and he comes out of the bathroom and goes and sits on the couch again! we were like "do you want to come to class?" and he said "no, i don't think my legs quite ready."

SO! 2 hours of sitting in the hall... BORING! But I got a hold of bishop and asked if there were any cushier chairs. he said to take the wing seats anywhere we want. but by that time Mel says "The class is just about over now, we will do it next week.." ..... 45 minutes later class ends.

AHH!! but it was funny. We will try the chair thing next week.

so, thats our great news. 1 at church!

President Called

I missed the call because we were contacting this lady. But as soon as we were done, I looked and saw the message and freaked out.. I immediately thought "Emergency transfer". Elder George thought NO. He thought he might just be calling to talk about presidents letters.. yeah right. In the middle of the day? I listened to the message and it said "Elder George, Elder Liechty, this is President Paulson. Give me a call back when you have a chance." That was it... He didnt sound happy either.

I immediately started to think if we had done anything wrong... Nothing! We have been perfect! So... EMERGENCY TRANSFER! Thats all it could be.

We called back.. and my fears were confirmed! Almost.

President told me that there was a "possibility" that I would be transferred.. He said there is a missionary somewhere in the mission that wants to leave his area. And he might come join Elder George. And I would have to go be with this other missionary. Well then Prez talked to Elder George and was telling him he thought I could go senior and asking him if he thought I was ready. Man.. I told Prez I didnt really want to leave.. Things are just starting to happen here.

So he said he would get back to us.

Then, the next day, transfers came in. Sister Horning is in the zone. For the first time EVER we are serving in the same zone. At least for now.. But she was talking to me and said she was so excited and how she thought she would never serve around me, because one of the assistants told her she never would... I was just like... "Yeah........"

Well, then we had some exciting news. MEL has picked a date! Sep. 17th! So we will be working with him on quitting smoking soon! he said he would start today!

But, since we got a date with him, we got to call Prez. So we did, and talked for a while about the date and who Mel was and stuff. And then he was about to go, so I quickly asked him about the transfer. He started to laugh a little bit and said that he didnt know.. He had heard from the missionary 3 times that day. Once saying he wanted to stay.. then he wanted to go.. now he wanted to stay.. so he said he will probably just make him stay for the full 6 weeks. But again, he would let us know.

Pain Cant Stop Me

I got bit by a dog! NO JOKE! In Canada of all places! I never thought to worry about that happening! It was a stupid little pug! We are stopping by some kid who said he might be interested, and his brother says he is not there, and then we hear this dog barking and running from behind him and he barrels out the door, and runs right into the leg of my Comp. He doesn't attack or anything.. but then he walked around for a bit... Then jumps up at me and bites me on the hand! The guy at the door didn't even know it bit me. He just grabs the dog, takes him inside, and closes the door.. and I'm standing there, open mouthed... with a bloody thumb..

I was in shock.

It didn't hurt that bad.. but I was mad.. I couldn't believe I actually got bit by a dog.

Well, we had taken a 10 min. bus ride to get to their house.. and the next bus didn't come for another hour.. So we had to walk all the way back to the apartment to dress my wound. (Elder George was like "Do you want to go back.. or could you clean it in a water fountain..?" as my blood drips on the ground..) That was last Monday.... that is how my week started.

that dog better not have rabies.


Yesterday, we went to visit one of the Karen families in our area. We got there, and they let us in. They were just finishing up dinner, and they were watching the Karen/Burma war on tv.(...Its televised?)

They asked us if we liked noodles.. we had already eaten, but I wasnt going to pass up an opportunity to try crazy Karen food. I said yes. and they let us go to the table and mix our food. It was noodles with this soup you put on it, and then all sorts of toppings. chilli powder, fried garlic and onions... Fish juice... Thats what they called it.. The didnt know the word in English.. I passed on that.
But it was pretty good.

Afterwards. we went and sat on there couch. Their sliding door was open that lead to their second story apartment balcony. We watch and it started to get windy.. and then rainy. and then it poured! it was so fun. just to watch it with them..
Then we read with them about joseph smith. It was short.. they dont speak much english, so we usually keep it short.

There was just a good feeling in the room. I love that family. So generous. Such a good end to the week.

I Met 3 drunk guys in one day

We were walking down 20th st. One that we have been told to be careful of... And I found out why! We were stoping by a lady that used to meet with the missionaries, and this Drunk (and I mean DRUNK!) guy comes up to us. he's like "hey! whats in your bible?" I just looked at him.. and said "What?" and he repeated "What's in your bible?"

We could obviously tell he was plastered, so we didnt really pay much attention to him, seeing as we had already knocked on the door of the lady's house. But he just keeps yelling "Talk to me! Turn around!" and I told him that we would be there is a second, but we had to talk to this lady first, who had answered the door. But he keeps yelling! "Whats in your bible? 13:3!" And I turn around, and i'm just frustrated. "13:3 what!?" and he replied "13:3!" to which i said "13:3 what!? What book!?" ... "Your BIBLE!" he says... AHHHH!!

My comp, through it all, finds out that the lady we were looking for has moved. And she was obviously not wanting to stay at the door, with this drunk guy on her sidewalk. So she left.

So we go talk to him. "What do you want to know! what book!?" He says "your bible" a few more times, but finaly, he says "Hebrews."
I was holding a Book of Mormon.

"This doesn't have Hebrews in it." i told him. but he tells me to give it to him. So I do. He looks through it for a bit, and starts reading the names.... and doesn't recognize any of them. I tried to tell him it was a different book. but he just stops somewhere in alma and says "here it is!" and starts reading something about the Judges....

All I said was "wow.. you found Hebrews! I didnt know it was in there."

He seemed pretty pleased with himself, and we talked for a while. He told us he was an angel with a broken wing.. about 4 times.. At first he introduced himself as Sid... then he said Jeff when he looked at me.. It was kinda creepy..

My comp looked behind him and he started going off about never looking behind you! "theres nothing back there!" he kept saying.
I started to have a lot of fun with him. He was nice. He kept calling us "long hairs" (his hair was a shaggy mess) and when he found out we were from Utah he said "ya bunch of hippies!" I loved it! we were dressed in nice white shirts and ties, and he's a drunk on the corner calling us hippies. It was so funny.

Then we asked him if he had family in town and he said "yeah! Your my family!"

And i was just like "YEAH!" and i go to give him a high five.. but he gave us both hugs instead. haha!

Well, he was still holding our Book of Mormon, and he asked, "Is Revelations in here man?"

My comp tells him no, but he keeps looking in the back and gets to the index and sees the word prophet. "here it is man, here it is" and i got all excited for him "You Found it! no way! i didnt know it was in there!"

he just kept talking to himself "yeah man, Prophets. Here it is..."

Well his drunk buddy came up and told us not to talk to him. Then they hugged and his buddy complimented my tie.. but we figured it was time to get out of there.

The guy, sid or jeff.. held the Book of Mormon to is chest and said "Keep it in here, man." and handed it back..

as we were leaving i said, "see ya, sid.. or jeff or whatever" and he said "it's Sid!"...
what a great day.

The Ivy League

We had a dinner appointment last night at the Slocombe's (stake president)... it was good. the people were so... smart.. and well mannered.. talking about the "Manifesto" and when the Russians had their war... I felt so out of place. Nothing like Sunday dinner at home, talking about sponge bob and laughing our heads off when Adam says something ridiculous/offensive (but funny)!

It was fun to pretend to be smart. When they said some fact i would just nod and agree "Oh yes, yes. Quite right". "yes, i believe that was the name of Picasso's first painting."


It made me appreciate who i was though. I like me, and i like my family and friends. We are so fun.

The Pigeon Problem

We have a "pigeon problem" at our new apartment. They LOVE to hang out and poop ALL over our deck... And there are two baby pigeons in a nest in the corner.. and two more on the way... man.... i want to crush them sometimes.. (the Eggs.. not the baby's..) but I think I would rather watch them hatch. We may build an incubator.
The Assistants to the president came over and threw the pigeon eggs off the balcony. so I guess that solves that problem.

Just Like the Prophets of Old

I have been reading the Book of Mormon SO much lately. I now know what it feels like to HUNGER after the scriptures. No joke! I Crave it! I want to finish soon.. I haven't finish since my mission started yet. I'm in 3Nephi. SO CLOSE!

A man yelled at my when I was reading at the bus stop. He said "WHY DO YOU READ THAT BOOK!" I said "Because its scripture"... we got into a "discussion"... the first time Ive ever REALLY been mad at someone on my mission. And I had just been reading about Nephi and Helaman. They were so bold when they taught people! So I was so excited to boldly tell this man what I believed... I ever so tactfully said "I'm gonna read the book I believe in, so let me read!" and I stormed off onto our bus that had just pulled up.

It wasn't too much of a scene. No one really pays to much attention to the crazy people. Us included.

But I did feel bad.. But only a little bit. A part of me felt like Helaman would have been proud... But he would have done it a lot better.

My testimoney, you can say.

We met this guy who was really nice, but he wanted us to prove to him that the Book of Mormon was true. He said he had done his research, and found some sketchy things. But if we could show him it was true, he would join the church. I just told him that if it were possible to PROVE, everyone would join. But we have to walk by faith.
It is hard, when there is SO much opposition out there. People are constantly trying to PROVE that the church is false. But THAT is not possible either! for almost 200 years, the book of Mormon has stood up against ALL the opposition! If it really isn't true, shouldn't they have been able to PROVE it by now? How could one man create such an AMAZING lie? That it could stand up under so much scrutiny? And have so many GOOD, HONEST people support it, even under all the persecution! Are we all liars?
The Spirit is the common factor. Those who know it is true have felt the spirit. Quietly and Gently it has touched their lives. And as they continue to learn and read, it becomes louder, and Stronger. And then.... you know. Its true. And now you know. It has been Proved... to YOU. That knowledge cant be shared... only borne in testimony.
I have met people that have felt the spirit.. but when they saw the opposition it would bring into their lives.. they pushed it away. They quieted the still small voice. they let themselves forget...
Don't ever do that. Don't ever forget. You cant imagine how bad it hurts those who know you knew..


Here in Saskatoon, all the downtown streets are Lettered. Ave A, Ave B, Ave C... all the way to Ave Z. We have the south end of those streets. They call it.. The South Alphabets. In our area we have from Ave H South to Ave Z South, and then quite a bit more. And boy... It is FULL of crazy people! I have been here 3 days.. and I have met so many crazy people. This lady on the bus who was handing out religious flyer's and a homeless ex-catholic. Then there's the Jehovah's Whitness/hooker who asked to use our phone.. And I cant forget the Angel! I met an Angel. He said he has had wings all his life, but they are stuck inside his body. He has felt them in there all his life.. He said he is here to kill evil people and protect the good... I asked him if I could see his wings.. he turned around and showed me his back... and then said "I will get them back when I die" or something like that. MAN! Pendygrasse is great.

We talked to this lady for like 30 min in front of her house. She was telling us we needed to take communion everyday or we would go to hell and she told us that we needed to pray to the saints and do the rosary. Its in Ephesians 6 she says. Apparently we cant teach her anything because the holy ghost has become her teacher. She went on to say that everyone is supposed go and teach the word.....we had a good conversation.

"You teach from.."
"My own conversion?"
", You teach from -"
"The Scriptures.."
"You teach from Man.. yes, the scriptures. I teach from the spirit. that's the difference between you and me. And you know? those Mormons who are marrying all those young girls.. that just not good, that's lust."
"I agree, Those Mormons are not a part of our church.. They split off years ago."
"I know, But let me tell you, I'm don't mean to offend you, but they are pedophiles"
"Yeah, maybe"
"That is why I could never join the Mormon church.."
"Again -"
"(cuts me off and rambles on about it, and wont let me speak)"
"(me speaking anyway) Again, Not part of our church"
"Yeah.. I know... but their must be some connection....(quietly mumbles something to herself)"
"Well.. it was great to meet, but we really have to go."
"OK, You know... (rambles on again... and we just walk away.. as she keeps rambling..)"

They seem so normal at first... You cant always tell at first glance.. A mother with a stroller. A bystander at the bus stop.. Who lets these people just walk around? shouldn't they wear signs or something?

Ive gotten pretty casual with the crazies.. after being around them for so long. I pretty much will say whatever comes to my mind. I told that lady that the Holy Ghost sent me to find her and teach her... She said something about the Holy Ghost guiding our lives and that he is her teacher now..

So.. Back to the Ghetto, Back to busing.. White washing. Its all good.

well well well

I laughed so hard today I ruined the hymn in district meeting.
I keep checking to see if my fly is down. It never is.
Brother Jude ran over my foot with his Vespa.
I lost at Chinese checkers.
The girl at Burger king has 2 lazy eyes...
Elder Banks makes me laugh.
The mosquitoes are killing me.
The Beaulieus are getting baptized in September.
Hope I'm here for that.
Maybe we'll switch it to August

I got to get back to Portage

I'm allergic to summers in canada. I have been breaking out in hives... Also, there are so many mosquitoes and that is annoying.
Me and Elder Banks went running. We ran 3 miles! We both agreed that if we had known it was 3 miles when we started, we never would have made it. But now its easy as cake. We will do it every morning.
My calves hurt.

Something great happened

A miracle! We had a goal this week to get 30 people to church. Not investigators only, but 30 living things to Church. We were inviting a lot of less actives and counting on some investigators (the Beaulieus) but a lot of members were telling us that they weren't going to come this week for some reasons... So we were pretty scared.. So Saturday night i prayed that someone would come to church that we weren't expecting.

Well, tomorrow came.. and less people came than we had expected. Tons of actives and less actives weren't there. And the Beaulieus weren't there! so.. church was about to start. There were like 10 people there. So we ran to the Beaulieus to see if they were coming. Arleen was sick! So that meant amber had to watch the baby and she didn't want the kids to come by themselves... ahh! so we head back.. and right in front of the church is a big van!

We were wondering who it could be.. We had just been out to the reserve and suggested that a bunch of people get a school bus and come to church.. so we were thinking they took our advice.. well we got inside, and a whole family had come from Idaho! They were visiting a less active family member up here. And she came too! Not to mention 3 return missionaries installing alarm systems! 37 people where there! AHHH! It was soo good!

Anyways! Everything was great! And it just so happened that this was the week President decided to visit the branch! So that was just chocolate frosting on the chocolate cake!

I'm about to get side tracked

President told Elder Gines something about me that has really started to irritate me... He said that i was someone that would do what my senior comp did... so he had to be a good example to me...


I spent all my life trying to distinguish my self as an individual... and now im a lackey! Man...

And the worst part is... I started to see it! I started to see that president can call me better than i know myself! maybe its just one of those psychological things like when Elaine breaks up with the Bad-breaker-upper and he tells her she has a big head.. and then she cant stop thinking about it so she starts to notice things that make her head SEEM big. Like the bird that flies into it, or that taxi driver that couldn't see out his back window.

Maybe I'm just looking at ways i do what my companions do.. But i don't want to be sway-able! I want to be me all the time.. But what is me!? now I'm frustrated. This is lame. I want to rebel against everything my comps say now just to prove him wrong..

I just hope this doesn't end the same way Elaine's story ends...

Well, I know one thing...

The Banana Gag is STILL going! Sister horning sent me a wallet sized picture of a banana.. So we sent her a plantain. She stuck a stinky banana in Elder Ortons luggage, so he sent her a package of rotten, month old bananas... Me and Elder Gines are working on a candy theme. We have a box of runts.. with only bananas in it.. and some other stuff.
We also want to bake some banana bread with a whole banana in the middle.... peal and all.
Should be good.

We Named Him Pikachu

We found a mouse on the side of the road the other day and he was sorta alive, but didnt move much. It was super cold. So I put him in a plastic bag and I stuck him in my coat. We werent going in yet... so i contacted some people with a mouse in my pocket. and they didnt have a clue. It was perfect.

This Letter Will Be a Figurative Slap

Some times you have to give up everything for the pearl of great price. Matthew 13:45,46 or something...

August 5th

Yesterday was Easter monday.. apparently a holiday in Canada where they close down all the stores.... Canada is so lazy.. It also happened to be my 8 month mark of when I came to Canada. Great, im 8 eh?

There is this crazy kid next to me

There is this crazy kid next to me that is playing a video game and banging on his little keyboard.. He is really getting into it. I have been staring right at him for 3 minutes and he hasnt even noticed...

Who brings their kid to the library to play VIDEO GAMES! i mean, i love video games, but that just makes a mockery of everything i library stands for...

Elder Bot

Elder Palica was poopie the whole first part of the week. I was just mad at him for like 2 days, and if he HAD emotion he would have been mad at me too. Just for those 2 days he completely changed! He just did a whole 180! SO stupid. He wouldnt joke around with me and was basically telling me that he was the epitome of obedience, which was like saying that I disobedient. I was just ticked at him. He was so arrogant.

Then i found out that he was keeping tally marks in his planner of how many times he had a violent thought towards me... one day it was like 7! holly freak! this kid is nuts! i thought i was gonna die.. it was really creepy.

He is like one of those unstable kids that you dont want to mess with because you dont even know what will make them snap... It really got me to think about the whole 'robots getting a mind of their own and become violent' cliche... Man! I was kinda freaked out! i sleep in the same room as this kid!

But all is well because i think he shut down and unplugged for a while. His RAM is back to normal, so hopefully no malfunction or crashes for a while. Where's his operators manual?

I Can Handle Henderson

So, me and Elder palica were tracting one night, and it was after 8:00 (when we are suposed to stop) so we were heading back to the car... and this whole week me and elder palica have been joking about baptizing the next ward pianist. because only 2 people play in this ward and i am pretty sure they learned only a little while ago, just so they COULD have someone play at church. So, not the greatest.. but im happy they are trying... anyway. We were walking back and we saw this guy playing the piano in his window.. For some reason i freaked out and was like We HAVE to talk to him! and elder palica didnt want to because it was late, but we did anyway. So we went it... and he invited us right it. he then told us that "eveyone else" was already down stairs"... we were really confused.. and then he saw our name tags and realized who we were!. He thought we were friends of his daughters coming to her HOT TUB PARTY... i wish...

so then we got to talking with him and his wife and it went really well! we are going back this saturday.

I hope they get baptized. then when people ask "how did you meet the missionaries" they can tell them "They came to our daughters hot tub party!"

So We Met a Man With One Leg

Elder Palica and I are getting along ok. He is a strange bird.. He never ceases to amaze/bug me. I just cant figure him out. its frustrating. He is very complex. A human compilation of 1000 different quirks, and at least half of them are irritating to me. But he is so quiet and hidden i can hardly tell. I pretty sure he went to Milfrod Academy.

Summer is Only 3 Months Here

It is getting a bit warmer here.. but whenever i suggest spring is coming, the canadians all laugh at me. AHHH! what is wrong with this freaking country!

She Belives in Vampires

Man, as crazy and this ward is, i still love them. i feel connected to them because i know that they found the truth. I want to help people like that. So far.. not going so good. As far as i know Alice is still going to that stupid church... and Henderson has been a total failure.. nothing is coming from the work here. It is sad. people refuse to listen, but its still true.

Me and elder palica have been talking about what it might be like in heaven when we see these people again. We tried to tell you!

Sad thought, but maybe we are here to stand as witnesses that these people got their fare chance.

Its a dirty job, but somebodies got to do it.

Poor Kid. He Tries Too Hard.

We found this guys blackberry on the ground this week. When we gave it back to him we commited him to come to church (instead of giving us 20 dollars like he wanted). But he didnt come.

Also, aparently, some crazy lady is tracting in our area and giving out pass along cards and pamphlets, because we talked to 2 people the other day that said someone from our church was JUST there. But no one would tract our area... One lady discribed her as a "lady (without a name tag) by herself"..

We have named her the "Lone Tracter" or "Phantom Tracter"

Happy Louie Riel Day!

I didnt write yesterday because it was a holiday... a holiday celebrating the first traitor of Canada... Louie Real day... Its like having a Benedict Arnold day... NO JOKE! And its bigger Thanksgiving! Everything was shutdown! So lame. What is up with Canada!?

A Note to You

Hello blog readers. Some of you are friends, some enemies. some of you are avid fans, others, deranged stalkers. But no matter who you are, I know you are all feeling the pain from my lack of blogging lately. So let me just say "Sorry for my lack of blogging lately". It's not because Ihaven't had anything to blog about. but its because I spend all my computer time writing people! Crazy stuff HAS happened!. and it continues to happen.

A few weeks ago I sliced a less-active members hand open with a sword. That was crazy!
Then last week, I got a call from a drunk, less-active, native woman who I have NEVER met... She told me she was going into surgery and that she was going to die and that she would miss me. She also told me that she loved me and thought about me, and the church, everyday... Again... Never met her.

So some good stuff. But just no time to write about it! I think I'll just tell the best stuff to my family and let them blog parts of me emails from now on. That seems easier.

I just want you to know, I love YOU all. And I do think of all of you everyday. individually. Even those of you I have never met, or cant remember... Like a drunk native...

Elder Liechty

You've Only Got One?

There are a lot of reasons Canada is different than the U.S.A. but I think one of the most significant is that sometimes we have 3 suns... and you've only got one...  I woke up the other day... noticed that there were two suns in the sky! I asked Elder Chubak about it and he told me to check the other side of the sun... and there was a 3rd one!  Thats right. 3 suns. Also known as "Sun Dogs". I dont know why we have 3. We just do.. and no offense, but it is much cooler than one.  What's that? Pics or it didn't happen?  

So there's your proof... But I still don't understand.. If we have 3, why is it so much feaking colder up here!