Melvin Keith Jorgenson

Melvin Keith Jorgenson was baptised this Friday, and confirmed on Sunday. It was unforgettable!

The Service was nice. Because of the awkward time (5:30 on a friday), only the people on the program came, but Mel wanted it to be small anyway. His dear friend (and recent convert) sister Rossett gave a talk. she was so nervous, it was her first time. and Brother Schiess gave one as well. Mel was so nervous in the water. we could hear him talking from beyond the closed doors. Talking about how nervous he was. I thought the fount was filled pretty high... but it barely reached his waist. He is a BIG guy. He didn't want to bend backwards.. he was scared he wouldn't be able to get back up.. Turns out its was all OK though, cause he floats pretty good. They really had to shove him.. His foot came up the first time. He was devastated. He did NOT want to do it again.. I was almost positive he was gonna give up and say "No, that's it. That's enough. The Good Lord will understand.." But he didn't. He's a trooper. He went down the second time. As he came up out of the water, the first words he said were "Shoot! My D*mn foot came up!" HAHA! But it didn't break the surface. He was good.

While they changed I did a musical number, it was good. We had another Elder play a version of "come thou fount" as I sung the words to "Joseph Smith First Prayer" and timed it to fit as we had the audience watch a silent clip of the first vision from the Restoration movie. It was really really good. Refreshments afterwards.

That was it. The craziest baptism ever. I didn't expect anything less. So informal. So "Mel". Just prefect.

Being a missionary rocks!

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