I Am Ten Years Ago.

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[The way to] Kholers... May go out of business.

2. Home... Is changing too much.

3. The Busy Road... Is busier than ever.

4. The Gully... Is now a golf course and home to the Californians on Caddie lane... easily our biggest loss.

5. The Dirt Trail... Has houses being built on in.

6. The Hole... Is fenced off and watched.

7. The Canyon...
Is more or less the same, thank goodness.


~ My mom said we are getting a dog because she didn't get me a proper birthday gift. I think she is looking for an excuse. I want to name him Lincoln.

~ My map is up! It's 50 cents a guess. Hurry over before all the good country's are taken!

~ After my 'bike poll' I decided I loved the black bike even though the votes said khaki or brown. Now it looks like I wont get any... People keep planning fun-sounding (and expensive) trips. It's not meant to be.

~ I convinced Stacy Scott to blog. I know she'll be good at it. You can check out her blog "From Where I'm Standing" here.

Birthday Wish

1. I wish my mouth would heal, already.

2. I wish I could finish writing my book.

3. I wish everyone had at least one friend as good as all mine.

4. I wish my eyes were dark green.

5. I wish for a new Zelda game for the Wii.

6. I wish all children were cute and happy.

7. I wish Pushing Daisies would come back.

8. I wish I could fly.

9. I wish Michael Tom was here.

10. I wish it would rain. Hard.

11. I wish I looked as old as I am.

12. I wish I was taller.

13. I wish for minimal fame and fortune

14. I wish everyone was at least as happy as me.

15. I wish to be a respected author.

16. I wish harry potter was real... and I was a wizard.

17. I wish I could read faster.

18. I wish my call would come next week.

19. I wish my friends and family success and happiness.

Wisdom Teeth. Earth Day.

I got my wisdom teeth taken out. They were both fully impacted, so they had to break through a part of of my jaw. But of course, I don't remember a thing. All I remember is that the Novocaine was strong. This was not the aired down stuff they give you at the dentist. My whole body went a little numb and my legs felt cold. I couldn't think straight, and I tried to hold on to all the clarity I could. Then a nurse was leaning over me with the biggest metallic syringe I had ever seen. I remember thinking "you better wait 'til I'm out to stick that thing in me." A second later the beeping that was monitoring my heart started to change from a high pitch to a low one.

Everything was fuzzy and annoying. I did not like it one bit. I tried to breath through my mouth for a while because I was afraid of the feeling. I tried to remember everything, because I wanted to write about it later.

Eventually I gave in the feeling and even forgot that I didn't like it. Then they put the IV in. It hurt at first and then felt really nice, like cool water on my arm. The I woke up; all drowsy and not as confused as I thought I should be. I could hear the monitor throughout the whole thing. It was there when I fell asleep and there when I woke up. But the pitch changed.

I asked my mom how I fell asleep and how the doctor got me in this nice comfy chair. Did he carry me? I was really concerned about that for some reason. I also asked her If the Novocaine had put me to sleep... I asked that multiple times. I didn't make the connection of the IV and falling asleep.

I asked more questions a couple of times, but everything was clearer then I expected. I wasn't very funny, and I could even walk pretty good. I guess my body is built for drugs.

And that's pretty much the whole story. I'm still really numb and I haven't used any Loratab because it doesn't hurt. Yet.

All in all, it was pretty fun. I'd do it again. But I don't know why they needed such strong Novocaine.

And now I just have to worry about what I want to do for Earth day. I think its a great holiday. The earth is so cool. Maybe I'll go exploring. It's a beautiful day and a beautiful planet.

What I've been Listening to...

Tegan and Sara -- Bishop Allen

Blind Pilot -- Regina Spektor

Blitzen Trapper

Last Weeks Schedual

- Slept in the Gully; so windy our poor broken tent couldn't last the night.

Tuesday - Late night IHOP; I got the soup.

Wednesday - Sam's Birthday/Mission Call/Sleepover with Jordon and Parker.

Thursday - Trudged through snow storms to get to St. George and Bhar Manor.

Friday - Cut my pointer finger wide open and took a trip to Dixie rock.

Saturday - Road trip home to warm weather. Chased the cute girls in the blue mini-van.

Sunday - Interview with stake president for my mission.


I love all my book buddies, but Riana takes the cake! (sorry guys) A couple of weeks ago she asked me my address and told me she was going to send me something in the mail, and that it was a surprise, and that I couldn't buy anything until it came. NOT EVEN FOOD! So I didn't. (except a spicy chicken from Micky D's.. sorry again.) Well today I got that surprise.

They had been ordered in my name. Riana, you rock. Thank you for being a real friend.

Everyone needs a friend like you.

April Fool's!

(This is long, but so worth it!)

Today is April Fool's day! So fool away! Short your friends sheets, dampen every towel, and lie like you're a pro. Because that's what its about, and I love it.

April Fool's has always been a holiday I looked forward to, but I've never done anything great. One time, I faked a broken arm for a week in preparation, but the delivery was awful. I was only 10.

But this year I told myself I would do something better than great. I wanted to booby trap the whole house. So I stayed up real late and after everyone was asleep (except my dad.. he never sleeps) I set to work.

I hit my bathroom first. I Ceran-wrapped the toilet, put dye in the hand soap and the shampoo, and put a bullion cube in the shower head. It was beautiful. Then I went upstairs to see what i could do for my parents. Well, I had planned to put the clocks forward, but trying to sneak into my parents room is like trying to sneak into... a place that is really hard to sneak into. I had no chance.

So I set to work on other things in the house. I turned pictures upside down, I turned all the chairs and sofas backwards, and I switched out some of my moms Easter decorations for Christmas ones. Then I think my mind got into it and ideas started flowing. I know my mother had chocolate milk and toast every morning without fail. So I switched her chocolate syrup for maple syrup. Then I turned the heat on the toaster all the way up. I also had the idea to turn the power off in my parents room for a few seconds and see if that reset the alarm clock. It didn't. but it did reset the TV and the receiver, which takes 20 min to start back up. My dad was still awake watching, so that was good.

I was just about to switch all the letters around in one of my moms decorative block thingy's (she hates that) when I heard someone coming down the stairs. I ran to the basement as silently as I could and jumped in bed. Soon, my dad came down the stairs. I am pretty good at faking sleep so he didn't suspect. He checked the other kids rooms and saw they were asleep and then left. I sighed big, but the night wasn't over.

Lying there in bed, I hear my dad talking to someone. I sneak closer the the stairs and can hear that he has woken up my mom. Well, they turn all the furniture the right way (what a waist) and then I hear the front door open. I thought maybe my dad was off to a conference call, as he often does when he talks with people from Japan and Europe. But he wasn't leaving... It sounded like he was bringing something heavy inside.

Now I am very intrigued. I wondered if they were planing on doing something for April Fool's. It would explain why they were both up. Then I hear a drill going. My dad was putting something together, or taking something apart. Then I hear clattering dishes... Why would they be doing the dishes at 3:00 a.m.!?

By now I am oozing with curiosity. I make myself a fake body with pillows and hide it under my blankets, just in case they come and check if anyone is up and spying on them. Then I run to my sisters old room and head out the window into the back yard. I ran around in the snow trying to look through the windows but all the blinds are closed. I head to the front and start looking through the cracks in the blind, but all I see is the back of the couch. Then I realize the front door that is 5 feet from me, is open... someone was standing in the doorway. They hadn't seen me yet, but if I didn't get out of there they would. So I ran all the way back to my sister open window.

Back inside, I pace around the room, wondering what is going on... Even worse, I have to pee and the only toilet down there had Ceran-wrap on it! Then I see the light go on in my room... crap. They would totally find out I wasn't in bed. I didn't know what to do, so i just kept quiet and hopped they wouldn't come looking for me. Then I got a text on my phone from my dad. "Hope you guys don't get shot!" He thinks I snuk out to do pranks with my friends! (which we should have done) So im safe for now.

But I still need to know what they are doing. All they lights go off again, so I know whatever they were doing they are done now. I walk through the basement and up the stairs and see... Nothing!

There is nothing there. I scrable around the whole house, but there is nothing new, nothing out of place. It is acctually cleaner than before. What ever it was they made, it was hiding somewhere. I checked the garage, the back of my dads truck, and even aroud the house... there was nothing. The only other place it could be is my moms closet, and there is no way I'm getting in there tonight.

So I give up for now. I go back down to my bed and try to sleep. In the morning, I am attacked by my mother. "The couches were funny" she said. "And the upsidedown pictures where even a little scary. But what did you do with the chocolate!" She was seriously upset and I couldnt help laughing. She needed chocolate like a addict needed heroin. "There better be more." she said. then she went up stairs and I heard her yell "And my toast is burning!"

It was the funniest, and scaries morning I have ever had.

Then, later this morning, when my mom left to run to the store and everyone one else was at school, I went to check her bedroom. First I check the main area. Nothing. Then I checked her bathroom. Nothing. Then I checked her closet... Nothing.


Did they wake up in the middle of the night to clean the house and fix a wobbly table or something!? Because that's all I found! There has to be another explanation! They must have done something! And I'm going to figure it out...

April Fool's Day is not over, and I will not end up the fool.

UPDATE: Well... I figured it out. My parents, in an early morning daze, didn't realize it was April 1st. They thought a crazy kidnapper came to the house and turned the furniture and pictures around and stole there children. My dad was trying to fix the front door, because it doesn't lock. My mom just decided to clean while she was up because that is who she is. When they realized it was April Fool's they went to bed.

It all fits, and I'm a little disappointed, but it was a funny day.