I Am Ten Years Ago.

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[The way to] Kholers... May go out of business.

2. Home... Is changing too much.

3. The Busy Road... Is busier than ever.

4. The Gully... Is now a golf course and home to the Californians on Caddie lane... easily our biggest loss.

5. The Dirt Trail... Has houses being built on in.

6. The Hole... Is fenced off and watched.

7. The Canyon...
Is more or less the same, thank goodness.


  1. I'm sorry i moved here and took the gully over. I always feel bad when ever the gully gets brought up...I wish I could have seen it.

  2. So true... I have to rebut #5; It won't ever have houses but may have a Forest Service station on it.

  3. Also, the security word I had to enter for that comment was 'Gorking'. That needs a meaning...

  4. shy,

    this really hit home for me. Highland will never be the same. I am just SO grateful that we got to expierence the glory days at their fullest before Caddie Californians, Wal-mart Wierdos, Hole haters, Dirt trail Destroyers & the thousands of people who drive on busy road took over or childhood life.

  5. well there are some houses on it, and they face towards it, so we cant hide our rapscallious ways. Also, Gorking sounds dirty.

    And Kylee's right, at least we were there.