Wisdom Teeth. Earth Day.

I got my wisdom teeth taken out. They were both fully impacted, so they had to break through a part of of my jaw. But of course, I don't remember a thing. All I remember is that the Novocaine was strong. This was not the aired down stuff they give you at the dentist. My whole body went a little numb and my legs felt cold. I couldn't think straight, and I tried to hold on to all the clarity I could. Then a nurse was leaning over me with the biggest metallic syringe I had ever seen. I remember thinking "you better wait 'til I'm out to stick that thing in me." A second later the beeping that was monitoring my heart started to change from a high pitch to a low one.

Everything was fuzzy and annoying. I did not like it one bit. I tried to breath through my mouth for a while because I was afraid of the feeling. I tried to remember everything, because I wanted to write about it later.

Eventually I gave in the feeling and even forgot that I didn't like it. Then they put the IV in. It hurt at first and then felt really nice, like cool water on my arm. The I woke up; all drowsy and not as confused as I thought I should be. I could hear the monitor throughout the whole thing. It was there when I fell asleep and there when I woke up. But the pitch changed.

I asked my mom how I fell asleep and how the doctor got me in this nice comfy chair. Did he carry me? I was really concerned about that for some reason. I also asked her If the Novocaine had put me to sleep... I asked that multiple times. I didn't make the connection of the IV and falling asleep.

I asked more questions a couple of times, but everything was clearer then I expected. I wasn't very funny, and I could even walk pretty good. I guess my body is built for drugs.

And that's pretty much the whole story. I'm still really numb and I haven't used any Loratab because it doesn't hurt. Yet.

All in all, it was pretty fun. I'd do it again. But I don't know why they needed such strong Novocaine.

And now I just have to worry about what I want to do for Earth day. I think its a great holiday. The earth is so cool. Maybe I'll go exploring. It's a beautiful day and a beautiful planet.


  1. ...But instead I fell asleep watching TV.

  2. I was to tired to care about the Earth.

  3. I like the picture of the hay & you jumping. Rad. Sorry about your dental experience.