Birthday Wish

1. I wish my mouth would heal, already.

2. I wish I could finish writing my book.

3. I wish everyone had at least one friend as good as all mine.

4. I wish my eyes were dark green.

5. I wish for a new Zelda game for the Wii.

6. I wish all children were cute and happy.

7. I wish Pushing Daisies would come back.

8. I wish I could fly.

9. I wish Michael Tom was here.

10. I wish it would rain. Hard.

11. I wish I looked as old as I am.

12. I wish I was taller.

13. I wish for minimal fame and fortune

14. I wish everyone was at least as happy as me.

15. I wish to be a respected author.

16. I wish harry potter was real... and I was a wizard.

17. I wish I could read faster.

18. I wish my call would come next week.

19. I wish my friends and family success and happiness.


  1. yeah, I'm with you on #6 I hate ugly children.

  2. yeah, what's with that? I see some kids and I think, if I was their parent I would feel so gypped.

  3. I thought for a moment that #7 said 'Minimal frame' instead of 'fame'. I thought: maybe he is tired of his body. 'Nuf said mmkep?!

  4. That #13 bud. But I guess sense you are in a different time zone, we are a couple of numbers ahead of you.

    Oh Parker, your random statements that make no sense don't get me every time. I love it.

  5. I wish for all those things too....especially the Harry Potter one.