"Do you question my powers of creating milk!?"

Two weeks ago me, my parents, my brother Taylor, his girlfriend, and my sister Aubri boarded a cheap, rickety plane Hawaii bound. My bargain hunting mother had found the sketchiest airline possible. I'm sure it was barley legal. But affordable!

Landing in Hawaii was amazing. Half of the Honolulu airport is outdoors, and when you step out into open air for the first time, its quite indescribably. Maybe I was feeling something more from having survived the flight without anyone getting shanked or the plane running out of fuel. I was 50% sure we would just drop out of the sky.

We stayed with my mothers friend who lives on Oahu. There were ants everywhere and her back yard had the most beautiful trees that bloom the sweetest smelling flowers year round. The flowers also had ants on them.

Highlights? The food! Seeing a whale right off the side of our little sailboat. Mom peeing her pants after meeting her favorite Samoan. The cute Tahitian girl at the PCC. 

The pits? On my third day out I got hives. This is the second time. Same time of year. The doctor said I'm either allergic to sunscreen or to the sun. Who's heard of such a thing!?

And now for your viewing pleasure.

 Please do not ride the turtles.
 Sunset Beach
 I was the only one with any desire to try the fresh fruit! This Mango was not ripe, and it was still the most delicious mango I have ever had.
 The saltwater does great things to curly hair. Me and Aubri were soaking it up.
We went to New Hope church on Sunday. They had an anatomy lesson and people dancing in straitjackets 

So there you have it. The most touristy thing I have ever done. I sat on the same beach that Jack sat on after Oceanic flight 815 went down on Lost. I swam in the same pond that Jenifer Lawrence swam in for the upcoming Catching Fire movie. She probably peed in there. I probably still have traces of celebrity pee on me. Such a  magical thought.

For a tropical paradise, this was the least relaxing vacation I have ever been on. There was just so much to see and do.  We were always on the move. Just a tip. Never go to china town.. terrifying.

Great trip though.

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