I Met 3 drunk guys in one day

We were walking down 20th st. One that we have been told to be careful of... And I found out why! We were stoping by a lady that used to meet with the missionaries, and this Drunk (and I mean DRUNK!) guy comes up to us. he's like "hey! whats in your bible?" I just looked at him.. and said "What?" and he repeated "What's in your bible?"

We could obviously tell he was plastered, so we didnt really pay much attention to him, seeing as we had already knocked on the door of the lady's house. But he just keeps yelling "Talk to me! Turn around!" and I told him that we would be there is a second, but we had to talk to this lady first, who had answered the door. But he keeps yelling! "Whats in your bible? 13:3!" And I turn around, and i'm just frustrated. "13:3 what!?" and he replied "13:3!" to which i said "13:3 what!? What book!?" ... "Your BIBLE!" he says... AHHHH!!

My comp, through it all, finds out that the lady we were looking for has moved. And she was obviously not wanting to stay at the door, with this drunk guy on her sidewalk. So she left.

So we go talk to him. "What do you want to know! what book!?" He says "your bible" a few more times, but finaly, he says "Hebrews."
I was holding a Book of Mormon.

"This doesn't have Hebrews in it." i told him. but he tells me to give it to him. So I do. He looks through it for a bit, and starts reading the names.... and doesn't recognize any of them. I tried to tell him it was a different book. but he just stops somewhere in alma and says "here it is!" and starts reading something about the Judges....

All I said was "wow.. you found Hebrews! I didnt know it was in there."

He seemed pretty pleased with himself, and we talked for a while. He told us he was an angel with a broken wing.. about 4 times.. At first he introduced himself as Sid... then he said Jeff when he looked at me.. It was kinda creepy..

My comp looked behind him and he started going off about never looking behind you! "theres nothing back there!" he kept saying.
I started to have a lot of fun with him. He was nice. He kept calling us "long hairs" (his hair was a shaggy mess) and when he found out we were from Utah he said "ya bunch of hippies!" I loved it! we were dressed in nice white shirts and ties, and he's a drunk on the corner calling us hippies. It was so funny.

Then we asked him if he had family in town and he said "yeah! Your my family!"

And i was just like "YEAH!" and i go to give him a high five.. but he gave us both hugs instead. haha!

Well, he was still holding our Book of Mormon, and he asked, "Is Revelations in here man?"

My comp tells him no, but he keeps looking in the back and gets to the index and sees the word prophet. "here it is man, here it is" and i got all excited for him "You Found it! no way! i didnt know it was in there!"

he just kept talking to himself "yeah man, Prophets. Here it is..."

Well his drunk buddy came up and told us not to talk to him. Then they hugged and his buddy complimented my tie.. but we figured it was time to get out of there.

The guy, sid or jeff.. held the Book of Mormon to is chest and said "Keep it in here, man." and handed it back..

as we were leaving i said, "see ya, sid.. or jeff or whatever" and he said "it's Sid!"...
what a great day.

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