Pain Cant Stop Me

I got bit by a dog! NO JOKE! In Canada of all places! I never thought to worry about that happening! It was a stupid little pug! We are stopping by some kid who said he might be interested, and his brother says he is not there, and then we hear this dog barking and running from behind him and he barrels out the door, and runs right into the leg of my Comp. He doesn't attack or anything.. but then he walked around for a bit... Then jumps up at me and bites me on the hand! The guy at the door didn't even know it bit me. He just grabs the dog, takes him inside, and closes the door.. and I'm standing there, open mouthed... with a bloody thumb..

I was in shock.

It didn't hurt that bad.. but I was mad.. I couldn't believe I actually got bit by a dog.

Well, we had taken a 10 min. bus ride to get to their house.. and the next bus didn't come for another hour.. So we had to walk all the way back to the apartment to dress my wound. (Elder George was like "Do you want to go back.. or could you clean it in a water fountain..?" as my blood drips on the ground..) That was last Monday.... that is how my week started.

that dog better not have rabies.

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