President Called

I missed the call because we were contacting this lady. But as soon as we were done, I looked and saw the message and freaked out.. I immediately thought "Emergency transfer". Elder George thought NO. He thought he might just be calling to talk about presidents letters.. yeah right. In the middle of the day? I listened to the message and it said "Elder George, Elder Liechty, this is President Paulson. Give me a call back when you have a chance." That was it... He didnt sound happy either.

I immediately started to think if we had done anything wrong... Nothing! We have been perfect! So... EMERGENCY TRANSFER! Thats all it could be.

We called back.. and my fears were confirmed! Almost.

President told me that there was a "possibility" that I would be transferred.. He said there is a missionary somewhere in the mission that wants to leave his area. And he might come join Elder George. And I would have to go be with this other missionary. Well then Prez talked to Elder George and was telling him he thought I could go senior and asking him if he thought I was ready. Man.. I told Prez I didnt really want to leave.. Things are just starting to happen here.

So he said he would get back to us.

Then, the next day, transfers came in. Sister Horning is in the zone. For the first time EVER we are serving in the same zone. At least for now.. But she was talking to me and said she was so excited and how she thought she would never serve around me, because one of the assistants told her she never would... I was just like... "Yeah........"

Well, then we had some exciting news. MEL has picked a date! Sep. 17th! So we will be working with him on quitting smoking soon! he said he would start today!

But, since we got a date with him, we got to call Prez. So we did, and talked for a while about the date and who Mel was and stuff. And then he was about to go, so I quickly asked him about the transfer. He started to laugh a little bit and said that he didnt know.. He had heard from the missionary 3 times that day. Once saying he wanted to stay.. then he wanted to go.. now he wanted to stay.. so he said he will probably just make him stay for the full 6 weeks. But again, he would let us know.

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