Yesterday, we went to visit one of the Karen families in our area. We got there, and they let us in. They were just finishing up dinner, and they were watching the Karen/Burma war on tv.(...Its televised?)

They asked us if we liked noodles.. we had already eaten, but I wasnt going to pass up an opportunity to try crazy Karen food. I said yes. and they let us go to the table and mix our food. It was noodles with this soup you put on it, and then all sorts of toppings. chilli powder, fried garlic and onions... Fish juice... Thats what they called it.. The didnt know the word in English.. I passed on that.
But it was pretty good.

Afterwards. we went and sat on there couch. Their sliding door was open that lead to their second story apartment balcony. We watch and it started to get windy.. and then rainy. and then it poured! it was so fun. just to watch it with them..
Then we read with them about joseph smith. It was short.. they dont speak much english, so we usually keep it short.

There was just a good feeling in the room. I love that family. So generous. Such a good end to the week.

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