A New Record!

MEL CAME TO CHURCH! WOOOOOO! This is the first time an investigator has come to church from this area since Leon got baptised 6 months ago!

So things are looking up. But It really is stressful to have someone at church... all the talks were on missionary work, and I was like... "MAN he is gonna be so bored!" But afterwards people were talking to him, and he said one of the talks just hit him *points to his heart* right here. HAHA! He is so old. I bet he doesn't even know what the talks were about, but he loves people and talking to people and people talking to him, so I think he chooses his favorite talks based on who gave them..

So, he has a bad leg, and sitting on the hard seats is torcher for him.. so after sacrament he said "I think I'm gonna sit this next class out." and he went and sat on the couch.... Then when its ends, he goes to the bathroom and we are waiting to go to the next class.. and he comes out of the bathroom and goes and sits on the couch again! we were like "do you want to come to class?" and he said "no, i don't think my legs quite ready."

SO! 2 hours of sitting in the hall... BORING! But I got a hold of bishop and asked if there were any cushier chairs. he said to take the wing seats anywhere we want. but by that time Mel says "The class is just about over now, we will do it next week.." ..... 45 minutes later class ends.

AHH!! but it was funny. We will try the chair thing next week.

so, thats our great news. 1 at church!

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