Love It

We met this family tracting. Total miracle! We knock on this door, one of the last ones we were going to do, and the lady comes out and looks shocked... It was really weird at first, but then shes like "Mormons!" Which is weird because lots of people think we are Jehovah Witnesses. (the Church isn't very big in this mission)

Then she goes on to tell us that she is a member! she was baptized in Winnipeg and she moved to Cardston. She went to the temple (for baptisms i believe) and she got her patriarchal blessing. She moved to Yorkton.. and soon after, the branch there closed and moved to a town called "Carry the Kettle". She had no idea there was a church in Melville.

None of her family are members. She wants us to come teach them...

The biggest miracle of my mission

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