The Temple

YES! I was so excited! my first time to the temple in 15 months!

Well... we woke up in the morning.. and the snow was still going and the wind was still blowing... we tried to get the other elders truck going.. but it got stuck in the middle of the parking lot... So we go for our car, which is in a better location.

Well we got out ok.. but the street were crazy.. I will never forget that night. It was dark and there was like 6 inches of snow on the roads. Everywhere we went people were getting stuck. The normal road we would take to get to the temple was not accessible.. it was about 5:20 at this point. our session was starting at 6:00.

We tried to drive around a different way. When the weather is this bad, traffic rules no longer apply. People are parked in the intersection and flipping U-ies where ever they can. no one pays attention to what color the traffic lights are. certain streets are blocked off.. your in a maze, and you are just trying to find your way out.

Well, the other route we wanted to take was also blocked. 5:30.

We turn around and try the last possible way.. and we find all the other Elders parked on a bridge. Someone got stuck in the middle. and they were trying to move them...

We get out and see what is going on. There is no way anyone is getting through... 5:45 We were within walking distance of the temple.. but not that quick.. Darn you Satan!

There were some people parked behind us, so I thought I better go tell them that no one was getting through any time soon. I talked to this lady, and she told me that she had already made it through on the other side when she was going the other way.. I was so excited! We might make it!

She said she was going to try it.. (driving on the wrong side of the road.. again. no traffic rules) so we watched her. And she made it!

5:50. We jump in our car and follow her tracks. It looked like really deep snow. It was really scary... But we mad it too!

We park and run back to tell the other Elders we were going. We get back in the car and drive as fast as we can on slippery snowy roads.... but.... when we pull into the temple parking lot.. 6:10..

We walk inside. It felt so good to be in a temple. Even the waiting room. It felt like home. Canada is crazy.. And for the first time, everything just felt normal again... One of the temple workers comes up to us and tells us they held the session for 5 min... but it had already started and they couldn't let us in... No session for us.

Everyone looks at me.. I am the only one that hasn't been to the temple yet...

But I was ok.

What an adventure!

I'll never forget it.

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