A Note to You

Hello blog readers. Some of you are friends, some enemies. some of you are avid fans, others, deranged stalkers. But no matter who you are, I know you are all feeling the pain from my lack of blogging lately. So let me just say "Sorry for my lack of blogging lately". It's not because Ihaven't had anything to blog about. but its because I spend all my computer time writing people! Crazy stuff HAS happened!. and it continues to happen.

A few weeks ago I sliced a less-active members hand open with a sword. That was crazy!
Then last week, I got a call from a drunk, less-active, native woman who I have NEVER met... She told me she was going into surgery and that she was going to die and that she would miss me. She also told me that she loved me and thought about me, and the church, everyday... Again... Never met her.

So some good stuff. But just no time to write about it! I think I'll just tell the best stuff to my family and let them blog parts of me emails from now on. That seems easier.

I just want you to know, I love YOU all. And I do think of all of you everyday. individually. Even those of you I have never met, or cant remember... Like a drunk native...

Elder Liechty

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