Just Like the Prophets of Old

I have been reading the Book of Mormon SO much lately. I now know what it feels like to HUNGER after the scriptures. No joke! I Crave it! I want to finish soon.. I haven't finish since my mission started yet. I'm in 3Nephi. SO CLOSE!

A man yelled at my when I was reading at the bus stop. He said "WHY DO YOU READ THAT BOOK!" I said "Because its scripture"... we got into a "discussion"... the first time Ive ever REALLY been mad at someone on my mission. And I had just been reading about Nephi and Helaman. They were so bold when they taught people! So I was so excited to boldly tell this man what I believed... I ever so tactfully said "I'm gonna read the book I believe in, so let me read!" and I stormed off onto our bus that had just pulled up.

It wasn't too much of a scene. No one really pays to much attention to the crazy people. Us included.

But I did feel bad.. But only a little bit. A part of me felt like Helaman would have been proud... But he would have done it a lot better.

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