My testimoney, you can say.

We met this guy who was really nice, but he wanted us to prove to him that the Book of Mormon was true. He said he had done his research, and found some sketchy things. But if we could show him it was true, he would join the church. I just told him that if it were possible to PROVE, everyone would join. But we have to walk by faith.
It is hard, when there is SO much opposition out there. People are constantly trying to PROVE that the church is false. But THAT is not possible either! for almost 200 years, the book of Mormon has stood up against ALL the opposition! If it really isn't true, shouldn't they have been able to PROVE it by now? How could one man create such an AMAZING lie? That it could stand up under so much scrutiny? And have so many GOOD, HONEST people support it, even under all the persecution! Are we all liars?
The Spirit is the common factor. Those who know it is true have felt the spirit. Quietly and Gently it has touched their lives. And as they continue to learn and read, it becomes louder, and Stronger. And then.... you know. Its true. And now you know. It has been Proved... to YOU. That knowledge cant be shared... only borne in testimony.
I have met people that have felt the spirit.. but when they saw the opposition it would bring into their lives.. they pushed it away. They quieted the still small voice. they let themselves forget...
Don't ever do that. Don't ever forget. You cant imagine how bad it hurts those who know you knew..

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