Here in Saskatoon, all the downtown streets are Lettered. Ave A, Ave B, Ave C... all the way to Ave Z. We have the south end of those streets. They call it.. The South Alphabets. In our area we have from Ave H South to Ave Z South, and then quite a bit more. And boy... It is FULL of crazy people! I have been here 3 days.. and I have met so many crazy people. This lady on the bus who was handing out religious flyer's and a homeless ex-catholic. Then there's the Jehovah's Whitness/hooker who asked to use our phone.. And I cant forget the Angel! I met an Angel. He said he has had wings all his life, but they are stuck inside his body. He has felt them in there all his life.. He said he is here to kill evil people and protect the good... I asked him if I could see his wings.. he turned around and showed me his back... and then said "I will get them back when I die" or something like that. MAN! Pendygrasse is great.

We talked to this lady for like 30 min in front of her house. She was telling us we needed to take communion everyday or we would go to hell and she told us that we needed to pray to the saints and do the rosary. Its in Ephesians 6 she says. Apparently we cant teach her anything because the holy ghost has become her teacher. She went on to say that everyone is supposed go and teach the word.....we had a good conversation.

"You teach from.."
"My own conversion?"
", You teach from -"
"The Scriptures.."
"You teach from Man.. yes, the scriptures. I teach from the spirit. that's the difference between you and me. And you know? those Mormons who are marrying all those young girls.. that just not good, that's lust."
"I agree, Those Mormons are not a part of our church.. They split off years ago."
"I know, But let me tell you, I'm don't mean to offend you, but they are pedophiles"
"Yeah, maybe"
"That is why I could never join the Mormon church.."
"Again -"
"(cuts me off and rambles on about it, and wont let me speak)"
"(me speaking anyway) Again, Not part of our church"
"Yeah.. I know... but their must be some connection....(quietly mumbles something to herself)"
"Well.. it was great to meet, but we really have to go."
"OK, You know... (rambles on again... and we just walk away.. as she keeps rambling..)"

They seem so normal at first... You cant always tell at first glance.. A mother with a stroller. A bystander at the bus stop.. Who lets these people just walk around? shouldn't they wear signs or something?

Ive gotten pretty casual with the crazies.. after being around them for so long. I pretty much will say whatever comes to my mind. I told that lady that the Holy Ghost sent me to find her and teach her... She said something about the Holy Ghost guiding our lives and that he is her teacher now..

So.. Back to the Ghetto, Back to busing.. White washing. Its all good.

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