I'm about to get side tracked

President told Elder Gines something about me that has really started to irritate me... He said that i was someone that would do what my senior comp did... so he had to be a good example to me...


I spent all my life trying to distinguish my self as an individual... and now im a lackey! Man...

And the worst part is... I started to see it! I started to see that president can call me better than i know myself! maybe its just one of those psychological things like when Elaine breaks up with the Bad-breaker-upper and he tells her she has a big head.. and then she cant stop thinking about it so she starts to notice things that make her head SEEM big. Like the bird that flies into it, or that taxi driver that couldn't see out his back window.

Maybe I'm just looking at ways i do what my companions do.. But i don't want to be sway-able! I want to be me all the time.. But what is me!? now I'm frustrated. This is lame. I want to rebel against everything my comps say now just to prove him wrong..

I just hope this doesn't end the same way Elaine's story ends...

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