Something great happened

A miracle! We had a goal this week to get 30 people to church. Not investigators only, but 30 living things to Church. We were inviting a lot of less actives and counting on some investigators (the Beaulieus) but a lot of members were telling us that they weren't going to come this week for some reasons... So we were pretty scared.. So Saturday night i prayed that someone would come to church that we weren't expecting.

Well, tomorrow came.. and less people came than we had expected. Tons of actives and less actives weren't there. And the Beaulieus weren't there! so.. church was about to start. There were like 10 people there. So we ran to the Beaulieus to see if they were coming. Arleen was sick! So that meant amber had to watch the baby and she didn't want the kids to come by themselves... ahh! so we head back.. and right in front of the church is a big van!

We were wondering who it could be.. We had just been out to the reserve and suggested that a bunch of people get a school bus and come to church.. so we were thinking they took our advice.. well we got inside, and a whole family had come from Idaho! They were visiting a less active family member up here. And she came too! Not to mention 3 return missionaries installing alarm systems! 37 people where there! AHHH! It was soo good!

Anyways! Everything was great! And it just so happened that this was the week President decided to visit the branch! So that was just chocolate frosting on the chocolate cake!

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