As Usual

We waited for the transfer train to come in from Winnipeg.. They were REALLY late. Turns out that they all got pulled over for tickets!.. so that delayed things. Well 12 o'clock rolls around and they still werent there! Then we got a phone call from the sisters "The Elder Rolled off the road! They rolled over like 4 times!"
So the ZLs run off and we are left there.. wondering. Then they call and say "Find a place to sleep. We are gonna be a while"
So we all leave, But we took a detour to go see the wreck. The truck was upright, and no one was there. So we called the sisters and they told us what happened. The Elders are fine. Slipped on ice and went over the overpass.. They didnt have any blockers to keep cars from falling off that thing... thats stupid.
One of the Sisters is brand new. She was heading for her first area.. what a welcome. CWM!

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