The "Muffcake"

Near the end of my mission I heard rumors about myself being labeled a "muffcake". I had never heard the word before, but they were using it in terms of someone who is overly flirtatious with girls; In this case, the sister missionaries.

Fist off, I would like to say that Urban Dictionary's definition of muffcake is completely different and disturbing, so I think they were using it wrong...

Secondly, I felt like I had a good friendship with some of the sisters and never set out to flirt with anyone. But since I didn't (a) hate/make fun of them or (b) avoid them, It sure looked like flirting to the them...

Well, I just shrugged it off, only slightly bugged that high school seemed to have followed me into the mission field, and continued on.

Well, today I met up with two of those sisters from my mission and went hiking.

It was the first time any of us had been hiking in almost 2 years. We originally planed to hike to Timp cave, but the wait was outrageous. So we headed up to silver lake instead.

We had a good time, and they are both just as fun back home as they were before. The entire trip I tried to communicate without using their names because every time I did it either came out "Sister..." or just felt very awkward. Aubrianne said it felt like we were kids playing a game and giving each other fake names. So true. So fake. So awkward.

Still, nothing is happening between any of us and no flirting was involved. I don't think any of us are looking for that right now anyway. Still kinda weird just hanging out with girls.. But I am considering sending the photos to a few Elders in the mission right now and just letting the rumors fly. Gotta keep my legend fresh somehow.


  1. Awesome, I want to look up muffcake now, but I won't.

  2. Ba ha!!! That would be completely hilarious. I love the blog, by the way, and I'm totally up for Zion's. :)