Judgment Day

There is this couple next to me that is drunk/fighting as they use the computers.. They are on opposite sides of the table and he keeps yelling for her to come over and look at something, and she keeps coming, and then he tells her to get away from him.. in very vulgar terms... and she just takes it and goes back to her computer. I would so dump him. In fact, I would probably poor some hot liquid on him and then dump him. Then I would break a window in his car... (but he probably dosent have one).

But she wont. She will probably take it all her life and they will have 4 beautifully miserable kids together and he will be a jerk his whole life and she will do nothing. And then "monkey see monkey do" and the cycle will continue... It is so sad. I hate having to be around this all the time. PA is so ghetto and gross. Dont get me wrong. I love it here. So many people willing to listen. but it is such a miserable little city.

I cant tell you how much missionaries (not from Utah) will make fun of Utah. And I know its not perfect, but I love my happy little vally, and I defend it to the end. I believe it is better than the alternative. This couple is a model of like 30-40% of the relationships up here in PA. It is so disturbing I want to barf.

We were watching mormon messages the other day. We watched one about this civility experiment. It was very good. This homeless man they interview says some very profound things. He talks about how, he believes, there are more ways to do good in this world than to do bad. But its up to us to make the choice. He also says that the majority of people are mostly good. Its hard to believe it, but I do.

That drunk guy just left and, in a loud whisper, ever so "slyly" told his girlfriend that he will go get them a "hit" and they will meet in the van in a few minutes...

And just as I finished that paragraph.. What great timing.

Pray that the second coming holds off until PA is more ready for it.

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