Neither of us Can Believe It

On Friday I picked up Elder Turner headed back up to PA. Elder Turner is from Japan. He lived there 8 years and moved to the States. He is from Las Vegas now. He is not Japanese. He just was at one point.

We have been getting along really well. But some eerie junk is going on.. Someone told him before he got with me, that he would enjoy it because we are so similar. But he didnt really believe it.. But since he has been here we have discovered that we have the same body wash and scrubber (which did NOT come in a set) we use the same batteries, watch all the same shows, are the same height, have the same shoe shine kit, are both known mission wide for keeping the apartment clean, and we both always sleep with the wall to our right... I mean, sleeping with the wall to your right!? Come on! I always thought I was weird for doing that..

He is not shy at all, which is a big change from the last 6 months of companions I have had. He talks during lessons! I dont even have to stare at him for 40 seconds! Its great!

I'll miss the Mann, but Turner and I are also getting along great.

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