Pres Monson does his thing

He starts by telling us that there are 3 new temples in the works! Great! First in Colorado. Second in Idaho... Well. Ill just let you watch this. he tells it better.

...The 3rd.. in Canada. In Manitoba. In Winnipeg... In this mission!!!

I couldnt contain myself! I wanted to jump up and down or clap or yell or something! Everyone one in the chapel (like 4 people) was shocked and mildly happy. But to them it was just another temple in Canada. For me, it was a Temple in Canada! And in Winnipeg of all places! My Mission! A temple for MY people! I was so happy for my fellow saints in Winnipeg. I was so happy. It made me feel like I had accomplished something! I was buzzed. What a great way to start off conference.

The rest was also good.

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