Patience is great

She is sometimes hard to understand, but she is great. She said the closing prayer last time, and she had her son bring her a blanket to cover her head, and she sang a song first and then said this LONG and FAST prayer in her native laguage. it was wonderful. I wish we prayed like that. She wants to come to church, but wants to wait till she gets a Job so she can use the excuse of work to sneak to our church... oh boy.. She is hilarious. I hope we dont get her in trouble with the JW's. Or get ourselves in trouble with them..
All I know it that if things get rough, at least I can get blood transfusions...

The church is true. And Patience says that if it is true we have to do everything we can to go to it. even if it means cutting off our finger.... again.. she is great.

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