15 Minutes

I played my song in Ward conference. I told everyone that I couldnt read music and the rumors started flying about how I had never had a piano lesson in my life and that I play by ear and that I wrote the song... I just let it happen. No harm in it.

Then this one guy visiting from Alberta gets up after church and starts playing the piano all professional like. He was trying to show me up. It was obvious that he was better than me and didnt like all these rumors of my excellence. I messed up like 3 times on my simple song, and he had probably been playing for like 10 years, But no one even payed attention to him. everyone kept coming up to me and asking me what song it was and where I got the composition and I just told them I arranged it myself and let the rumors fly.

Do I feel bad? Not really. I am mediocre at a lot of things, but not 'really good' at anything. I believe they say, "jack of all trades, master of none". But for that day I was a legend, and loving it.

So play on, little punk from Alberta. No ones listening. Your just making a turd of yourself, and not being very classy, I would say. And this is Saskatchewan, redneck capital of Canada, and we dont like your high and mighty type around here.

Put that in your nerd and smoke it.

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