-40 C day

At -40 they always issue a frost bite warning. Frostbite within mintues! Sometimes seconds, if the wind is blowin' hard. This winter has been SO crazy! We have about 4 feet of snow outside right now. I haven't seen the ground in a long time. And People are running out of places to put it all! Their driveways are PILED on either side. Some of the piles are as tall as me. And people are on their roofs shoveling them off, for fear that they will collapse.

According to the farmers almanac, we have less than HALF of the snow we are expected to get this year.... 8 feet! HOLY JUNK! That is a butt load of snow... Lucky the farmers almanac is a load of garbage. No one can predict the weather that far in advance... or at all, for that matter. But who knows. Its been right before (probably).

Mom said something about winter only being 4 months long... its starts snowing in october here, and ends about april... hopefully. It should all be melted in may. How long is that?

this year may be a bit different. late May, early June. thats when I expect all THIS snow to melt.

My mission is so cool. (no pun intended)

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