I'm goin' to the Jo-Ho's

We met a lot of Jo-Ho's (Jehovah's Witnesses) this week. We had one invite us in the other day. She was SO nice. She was super great and just wanted to talk about the bible and was genuinely interested in what we believe, not because she wanted to join, but because she was curious. So its wasnt all the normal JW junk about trying to convert us and stuff. She was SO animated.. almost comically so.. you would have been good friends. her name was Bunny..

We talked with them about how we believe Jehovah is Jesus. They thought we were crazy. She offered us tea, and we said we didnt drink tea. She said "Oh, thats right, you dont drink anything black." Then she asked if Hot chocolate was ok. we said yes.. But I was confused about what she said about "black drinks". Turns out they thought that we didnt drink anything black, because Cain was cursed to be black... haha! oh boy. Never heard that one before. She thought we were raciest against drinks! bwaaha! We taught them the WOW.

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