The List

I got 70% of my mission stuff in one day... it's happening so fast... There are so many things I want to do before I leave. So many goals left unfinished. I decided I needed a list. Then I forgot. But now I remember and I'm blogging it so people will make sure I do it.

The List

  1. Stand on the top of a mountain
  2. Hike inside of a cave
  3. Go to a Canyon
  4. Hike a slot canyon
  5. Last Feast
  6. Beat Shantel in a foot race
  7. Jump in and out of a cloud's shadow
  8. Bury a Time Capsule/Treasure Box
  9. Go stargazing (and cloud gazing)
  10. Eat a whole box of Otter pops
  11. Just say it
  12. Take Photos of all my friends
  13. See Harry Potter 6
  14. Movie Marathon
  15. Zelda Marathon
  16. Stink Pot at Glissmeyer's
  17. 3D Chalk with Andie
  18. Go to Logan
  19. Get Iron ports with dad
  20. Sleep under the stars

I revised it because I was told, and became aware, that it was lame.


  1. you will NEVER beat shantel at a foot race. Not even sure if i can and i won the 50 yard dash EVERY YEAR at highland elementry, field day.

    oh the glory days.....

  2. 3,4 and 16 are done! and summer brooks can teach you how to juggle! lets go to timp caves when it opens!

  3. I can/will/must beat Shantel! Nothings impossible!

  4. you'll never beat her. she is bionic.

    i also won 1st place at field day in the 50 yd dash. maybe me you and ky should just race.

  5. You can do it Jeffery. You have the genes, and back in those old t-ball days, you could run like the wind!

  6. I also won the 50 yard dash... when I wasn't paired with Shantel.