"Mother! Dont you dare!"

I love my grandparents. They are funny old people. And those who know me know that those are two of my favorite attributes. When you have lived for so long, your personalities crystallize. There are no surprises. My grandpa loves meat and hunting and grandma. He always will. My grandma talks fast, like shes still speaking Spanish, gossips about her neighbors in old lady fashion and is the biggest sweet heart and hardest worker you'll meet.

Yesterday we went to their house to plant flowers in her garden for mothers day... and it was nearly impossible to keep her from helping...

Donna: "Can someone bring this bag of weeds to the garbage?"

Eva (grandma): "I got it babe." *already slinking across the lawn*

Donna: "NO!" *spins around to see grandma tip toeing towards the heavy bag* "Mother! Dont you dare! Somebody stop her!"

Taylor: *runs full speed for the bag and grabs it right before her*

My grandma is just like my mom, only in a 70 year old body. I love it. I love seeing them interact. They are more like sisters than Mother and daughter.

I love the Puerto Rican blood in me. When I see how active my grandma is and see how my great grandma is miraculously still alive at 105 (she was born in 1903!) I feel like I should be able to lift a car over my head!

Botom line is, I love my crazy family and I love spending time with them. Every crazy minute.

Happy Mothers Day


  1. They sound great. I love my grandparents as well. They pretty much raised me:).

    -From a 13 year old girl