Since I have been in Canada, I have...  

Been assigned a Trainer (Elder Tieken) 
Been assigned to an Area (Brandon West) 
Been assigned to be DESIGNATED DRIVER! 
Drove too fast (Got scolded by a sister missionary) 
Stopped at a Green light (Got yelled at by a Winnipeger) 
Drove too slow (Got weird looks from a Winnipeger) 
Ran a red light (Got laughed at by my Comp.) 
Drove 2 hours! 
Saw a man get Tased 
Saw one of my Investigators get Maced 
Worked at a soup Kitchen 
Assisted Elder T in breaking into an apartment. 
And bought a Kinder Egg.  

I love Canada

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  1. I totally called the bad driving. Worst. Driver. Ever. Don't tase me bro! Winnepeg sounds hardcore.