Now Thats More Like It

6:00 on Saturdays we play volley ball with the investigators. But we could only stay for a bit because we had an appointment at 7:30.

7:00 rolls around... and 6 Chinese people come up to us and ask if they can join... and one of them speaks fluent English and Chinese...

You need to understand the value of that Chinese young man. We have 3 Chinese investigators right now, all of which are showing potential... none of which speak very good English. We can only communicate on a basic level.

If we got that young man to investigate the Church... it could lead to big things.

I looked to Elder Tieken. We still had to change and go pick up the member that was going to join us.

"...5 more minutes"

5 minutes pass... and we really have to go. We leave it up to the other Elders to handle.. and run for the car.

We were sprinting and jumping over fences and driving like mad! When we got into the apartment, we still had muddy sand on our feet. we jumped in the tub and took turns washing our feet and got dressed in 2 min. flat.

I was so tired when we finally got ready and jumped back into the car... but the whole time I had a smile on my face.

This is how I had imagined missionary work.

Now I'm a Missionary.

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  1. I just read this to RaVoe, she started crying.

    We love Jeffery.