The Soup Kitchen

Every week we go and volunteer at a soup kitchen for service. Most of the people that work there look like they should be eating there... and a lot of the people that eat there look like they shouldn't... but whatever. It's not my place to judge.

We get there early so we can eat before we work. The food is usually pretty bad. I have to portion it out so I don't eat all the bearable stuff and get left with a pile of uneatable stuff...

Afterwards we help clean up. I cleaned my station and then went to go and put some left over lettuce in the freezer. When i walked in, the door closed behind me... and I couldn't open it again.

I was trapped!

I started thinking about all the stories I had heard of people dieing in locked freezers, and started to panic. I tried pulling the knob and pushing the knob and kicking the knob.. but nothing was working.

I saw there was a panic button so I started to push it.. and waited. and waited... but no one was coming!

This was the end. I knew I wouldn't last much longer. So I decided to try the nob one more time...

Turns out it twists the other way...

No worries... it's all good.

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