The Cart

Parker found this Shopping Cart by a dumpster and brought it over to the Orton's one day.

...RaVoe didn't want it ...My mom didn't want it.

And It started a War.

We passed it back and fourth from my house to the Orton's for a while, but we wanted to make sure it stayed there.

The Rocks didn't work, and the next day Parker found it in his bed room, in draper, in his apartment, 3 stories up (and his apartment doesn't have an elevator).

So we tied it to their tree, and they tied it to Parker's truck. And when we tried to bring it back... we were ambushed.

Gun shots were fired from the roof and the cart was lost in their yard. But with some stealth and some quick movements, we retrieved it so we could try again another day...

But it was stolen.

I haven't seen it since.

We may never know what happened. And the war will never be finished.

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