Elder "C" has Mono

I am sitting in my room, and I am supposed to be out at the gym playing volleyball with the rest of the FUN Elders and Sisters in my district.  But I have to be with my comp... and my comp has MONO!  That's right.  The Kissing disease.  He is a freaking nerd!  Who would kiss him?  
Guy's, Elder C is killing me.  Every day he does something I have to write down.  I am filling my notebook!
Elder C reminds me of Bryan B.  He spouts off useless info.  But unlike B.B., it's uninteresting and annoying!  And he keeps telling everyone how he went to the doctor for hay fever!  It is the lamest story!
Well, he's been sick forever now.  So today we went to the Health Clinic and they sent us to the Health Center.  We had to walk all the way to it, accross the street from the MTC.  We got there and the doctor tried to do a strep test on him... but he couldn't.  Elder poopie pants would pull away and start to cry every time.  The doctor tried 8 times before he gave up, so they took his blood instead.  They gave  him a mask (in case he caught the swine) until they could get his results back.
Then we left with his meds and went to dinner (BTW, I missed class for this.  I have to study lesson 1 on my own).  
He never took his mask off, even though he could.  He likes it when people ask about it.  I don't care.  In fact, I encourage it.  I don't want to have to smell his breath anyway (it still gets through).
The only problem?  With the mask on he breaths really loudly!  And makes little whining noises!  Some one take him away!

Excerpts From The Notebook:
"Elder C tells his 'Hay Fever' story to everyone (I think he has it memorized word for word)."
"Elder C hasn't showered since we got here."
"Elder C exercises in his church shoes."
"Elder C speaks to his body parts, example:  My stomach is like 'Now Way'."
"Elder C called hiimself (and I quote) 'an artsy-craty kind of dude'."
"Elder C always leans over to see what I'm doing when I lean over to get something from under my chair."
"Elder C has 3 saxophones.  He claims they are worth 24,000 dollars."
"Edler C thinks no one in our room snores.  He's wrong.  He does."
"Elder C always walks about 2 feet behind me."
"Elder C has awesome hand writing, but he smells like bad breath (not his breath, his whole body)."
"Ender C has mono!"

Footnote from the editor (Dad):
I think elder "C" is a blessing to Jeffery, and I am grateful for him.  I know Jeffery will learn compassion and unconditional love eventually.  Heaven knows I've had to learn it raising him!  Can't wait to hear his comments 2 years from now when he has been sufficiently humbled.  

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