The District

My district is awesome.   Sister Marble, Sister Horning, Sister Brodrick, Sister Drake. Those are the Sisters.  Elder Bertram, Elder Felix, Elder Gandolf, Elder Presgrove, and Elder "C"... You know him. Those are the Elders.  Sister Marble and Horning are converts, and I think Sister Brodrick too. They are all awesome and their testimonies are stronger than mine. But I do alright. Sister Horning kills me. She reminds me of Mckay. I love cool sister missionaries.  The Elders are cool too, with one exception... But thats ok.  We are all really good friends and goof all the time. But never Goof-off. We are hard workers and we will convert the world! LOOK OUT CANADA! (And Provo. Elder Bertram, Gandolf, and Presgrove are going to Provo... or are already here... I guess.)  We are the greatest District in this Dispensation!!!  P.S. Elder Gandolf's Grandfather started Gandolfos!!! Awesome huh? 

Jeffery's Email:

Elder Liechty
MTC Mailbox #225
Can - Win 0805
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

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