Sleepy Grandma

We were in the TRC, Elder C and I, and we were teaching this cute old lady about the plan of salvation. She started out really interested in the message and loved when I shared a story about my baptism, but it was really warm in that room... and she was very old.  Soon her eyes started to droop and her head was slipping forward. I had to do something! "Janet (that was her name) We would like to invite you to be baptised into the curch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, by the proper athourity of the preisthood." Its all I could think of to say... And it worked. It got her talking and we set her date for 2 weeks later. Then we wanted to end with a prayer. I knew she wouldn't make it. Halfway through I sneaked a peek to see if she was asleep again. the prayer ended and as loud as I reverently could I said "AMEN!" That did the trick. Just another day in the MTC.  Now if only she was a REAL investigator.

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